My EDH philosophy

Before we get started with the decks, I suppose I should share my personal EDH philosophy:

I’d rather enjoy a game of EDH than win it.

People that want to win as fast as possible don’t like playing (just winning).

There’s no such thing as an EDH “Tournament.” (Fun or Prizes: you can’t play for both).

A deck doesn’t have to be “optimal” to be playable.

I am Pro:

  • General Damage,
  • 40 life,
  • combos after turn 8-10,
  • interactivity,
  • scooping when it’s no longer fun,
  • wacky combos,
  • attacking with dudes,
  • theme decks
  • Free mulligans to get a playable hand
  • “bad” cards
  • Proxying for cards you own

I am Anti:

  • Poison/infect,
  • Mass Land denial,
  •  Mass Hand Denial (unless it leads to quick victory),
  • spite scooping,
  • infinite turns,
  • long turns,
  • playing with other people’s decks, 
  • Partial Paris / Hand Sculpting Mulligans
  • Lockdown decks
  • Staples-as-necessities
  • Proxying for cards you won’t own
  • Trading, or having a trade binder

Other Fun Facts:

The sum total of all Sensei’s Divining Tops I’ve ever owned, played (or even used) : 0

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