Game #7: Kemba, Kha Regent

Game #7: Kemba, Kha Regent
Date: 2013-04-1703
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Skullbriar, The Walking Grave (ooze tribal); Omath, Locus of Mana; Prime Speaker Zeganna;
Result: Unsatisfying Loss

Kemba, Kha Regent Vs.Skullbriar, the Walking Grave

Omnath, Locus of ManaPrime Speaker Zegana

As the previous game was finishing, a few more players showed up, so we split into two 4 player tables.i hadn’t played this deck in over a year, and was really excited to dust it off. I had a light land hand, but had 2 lands, a Bone Saw and another cheap cast/equip equipment. On turn 3 I drew into a Kor Haven and cast Kemba. Next turn Omnath attacked me for 11, and I decided not to block, as I wasn’t sure If I’d ever hit 5 mana, and I wasn’t worried once Kor Haven untapped.  Somewhere in there Kemba died.  Next turn I had to hold my mana open to prevent from losing.  Omnath  (now possibly up to 21) attacked Zeganna, and, wanting to keep other players in the game for longer (because I like to play) I Kor Haven-ed the attack, which drew major complaints from Omnath.  My rationale was that  Omnath was preventing me from playing any spells (having to keep my mana open), so I may as well use that mana  the only way I could.   Omnath’s response was to blow up the Kor Haven on it’s next turn (in which I missed a land drop again). My response to someone blowing up one of my only 3 lands (on turn 6 or 7) was to go home.  Neither of the tables were fun that night, and my Fiance is always happy when I come home early.  Wanting to keep up with this project, I knew that another crappy game that night was going to make me want to play less or give up on the project (so as not to ‘waste’ a deck’s game on a no-fun game).

About the Deck  (tapped out coming soon)

This was one of the very first Mono-colored decks and one of the earliest decks I built. At first it was a Cat tribal deck, then it flirted with being Voltron, but recently I took out a lot of the big-time equipment (Jitte, Kaldra pieces, etc.) that were shared between other decks, and replaced them with a lot of cheaper, quicker equipment. I wanted the deck to be more Crazy Cat-Lady and her Millions rather than the Voltron strategy. Equipment, in this deck, are meant to pump the team and make more kitties.

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