Game #10: Uril, the Miststalker

Game #10: Uril, the Miststalker
Date: 2013-04-10
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Balthor the Defiled; Olivia Voldaren
Result: Fun Loss

Uril, the Miststalkervs

Balthor the DefiledOlivia Voldaren

I started with a hand of 6 lands and a Serra Avatar, and thus I played Uril on Turn 5, followed by an Academy Rector. Olivia was already on the board and pinging.  Balthor didn’t get off to a very fast start, but was frightening as always. Though I hadn’t drawn any Auras yet, I chose to get Mirari’s Wake when Olivia killed my Rector. I played a Qasali Pridemage who just chilled out and Exalted Uril (until he needed to take care of Balthor’s Akroma’s Memorial.  Eventually I had an Empyrial Armor on Uril (with one card in hand), but by this time Olivia was fully active, and Balthor had Gravecrawler/Altar/Mikaeus combo action, which Olivia stopped once by forcing Mikaeus to get sac-ced, but the thing about Zombies is that they keep coming back again and again, and he Mikeaus got recurred and we died.  It was a mostly fun game.

About the Deck (

This is a standard Uril + Enchantress style deck. There’s not much creative in it, and thus this was it’s final hurrah. I think I’m going to take it apart and turn it into a Krond the Dawn Clad deck.

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