Game #3: Karador, Ghost Chieftain

Game #3: Karador, Ghost Chieftain
Date: 2013-03-17
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Bruna, Light of Alabaster; Karona, the False God
Result: Extra Unsatisfying Loss

Image vs.

bruna Image (1)

This was the deck’s maiden voyage, and I was really, really excited to try it out. I had a good start. The deck runs smoothly on 3 lands, which I had, plus some mana rocks, into a Jar of Eyeballs and a Champion of Lambholt. Then, Bruna untapped on turn 6 or 7, cast Sovereigns of Lost Alara, swung and searched up Eldrazi Conscription and dropped Corrupted Conscience from hand. Now I have to wait 97 games to try this deck out again. Thankfully, the game ended quickly. Maybe the next one would be fun…

About the Deck: (

Inspired by This Article on the Wizards site. I had already built an All 2-CMC deck (Ashling, the Pilgrim) and an All 1-CMC deck (Isamaru, Hound of Konda), and liked the idea of Immortal Servituding every creature from my graveyard, so every card in the deck has a CMC of 3.  Techinically Karador isn’t 3-CMC, but I had a Doran deck already, and Doran doesn’t work nicely with this deck. Plus,  Karador can be cast for 3 mana (so that’s the only way I’ll cast him in this deck) AND plays very nicely with the idea of the deck.  In test draws it was a lot of fun to try to build into the combo, but it will be a while now before I find out if it works.

Game #2: Karn, Silver Golem

Game #2: Karn, Silver Golem
Date: 2013-03-17
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Maelstrom Wanderer; Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord
Result: Unsatisfying Loss

karn vs


Started with a 2 land hand, but kept it anyway. Drew into another land, and then my 4th land drop was a Temple of the False God. It stayed that way for awhile.  Jarad had an early Crypt Ghast, and Maelstrom Wanderer later cascaded into a non entwined Temporal Cascade, emptying hands.  Eventually I came into some mana and was able to get a  Coretapper, Myr Resevoir, Grinding Station and Spine of Ish Sah on the table, but had already taken some damage. I was looking forward to using Karn+Grinding Station+Spine and using the Spine as a blocker or attacker, but Karn was countered.  Maelstrom had already hit for a bunch of damage, and I had no way of blocking, so I called it a game for Karn.  The Wanderer  general damaged out Jarad, and that was the end of another not-that-fun game.

About the Deck (

Once I started building “1 of Each Color,” I had to get the colorless deck in. I was hesitant because of the mana base (how I wish for a Colorless Basic land for EDH), but finally put this together. I considered playing a “Blue-Brown” deck, using Memnarch and islands, but no other blue cards, but realized that Karn was probably more fun in an artifact deck. The goal is to either just have tons of Baby Robots (Myr), or put together some kind of multi-part permanent-based combo, like the Stations, or Voltaic Construct+Karn+Basalt Monolith.  It’s not terribly original, but there’s not a lot to do with the non-color.

Game #1: Kangee, the Aerie Keeper

Game #1: Kangee the Aerie Keeper
Date: 2013-03-17
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Prime Speaker Zeganna; Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord
Result: Unsatisfying Loss

kangee  vs.


I started the game with a hand full of: lands, Glorious Anthem and a Sol Ring, but then had trouble drawing any creatures. I Confiscated Zeganna, but lost it to a Trigon Predator.  I tried to Mirrorweave my Academy Rector, mostly to deal with a World Spine Wurm, but it was sacrificed with a Death’s Presence on the board.  I was the first one killed by General Damage from Zeganna (the eventual winner). Kangee never saw play.    This old deck just couldn’t keep up with the new stuff

About the Deck )

This was the very first EDH deck I ever built, and it shows. I’ve only made a few updates to it since its creation.

When I started playing magic again after my second multi-year hiatus, I discovered EDH.  Birds were my favorite deck to play, and I wanted an excuse to play Zephyr Falcon (my favorite creature) and its lesser cousins Bay and Skyshroud.  So I dug up another 96 cards and called it good.    I don’t like the Grand Arbiter in it, and I think Hanna will be coming out as well.

My EDH philosophy

Before we get started with the decks, I suppose I should share my personal EDH philosophy:

I’d rather enjoy a game of EDH than win it.

People that want to win as fast as possible don’t like playing (just winning).

There’s no such thing as an EDH “Tournament.” (Fun or Prizes: you can’t play for both).

A deck doesn’t have to be “optimal” to be playable.

I am Pro:

  • General Damage,
  • 40 life,
  • combos after turn 8-10,
  • interactivity,
  • scooping when it’s no longer fun,
  • wacky combos,
  • attacking with dudes,
  • theme decks
  • Free mulligans to get a playable hand
  • “bad” cards
  • Proxying for cards you own

I am Anti:

  • Poison/infect,
  • Mass Land denial,
  •  Mass Hand Denial (unless it leads to quick victory),
  • spite scooping,
  • infinite turns,
  • long turns,
  • playing with other people’s decks, 
  • Partial Paris / Hand Sculpting Mulligans
  • Lockdown decks
  • Staples-as-necessities
  • Proxying for cards you won’t own
  • Trading, or having a trade binder

Other Fun Facts:

The sum total of all Sensei’s Divining Tops I’ve ever owned, played (or even used) : 0

Welcome to the EDH 100 Project

My Name is Nic, and I have an EDH deck building adddiction. At present, I have over 100 EDH decks built.  My goal is to play each one of them in succession, record the results and share them with the internet.  I can’t promise great writing, great recaps, or even great decks, so this is more of a way to keep a record of my challenge for posterity.
Why So Many Decks?
People that I play with have often asked why I don’t just focus on a few decks and make sure that all of the “good” cards are in those decks.  The simple answer is that I like building decks, and I don’t like taking them apart.  The longer answer is that my view of what is “good” in commander is pretty broad (i.e. it’s “good” if I think I want it in a deck) and consequently it’s hard to get all of the “good” cards into a deck.
It’s happened more than once that I’ll start building a deck and realize that there’s no way to do all of the things I want to do with that deck in 100 cards. The options, then, are a) not do all of the things that I want, or b) make two different decks.   The perfect example was wanting to do a deck that messed with colors, land types and creature types.  What started as Mistform Ultimus, soon also became Blind Seer.
It started with the goal of having at least one deck of each color combinatiton (including colorless and 4-color).  Once I met that goal, I decided to shoot for two of each (not including the 4-colors).  As that progressed, I realized I didn’t want to make any more RWB decks, so instead, around deck 50, i realized I could just shoot for an even hundred.  It helped that I decided to do Ravnica “Guild” decks around the time that RtR was announced.  Deciding to shoot for 100 also helped me think of ways to build more creative decks.
The Rules
Here are the rules for my play-through of all of the decks:
  1.  It’s my project and I can break the rules if I have to.
  2.  Play each of the 100 decks at least once before coming back to play it again.   (2a: If I really want to, every 20 games or so, I can play a game that “doesn’t count” just to play a deck for fun. Also, 1v1 games don’t have to count.)
  3. Keep track of the rough details of each game: Win or Loss, Fun Level, other Commanders, gameplay highlights
  4. Try to have the decks mostly accurate at
  5. Carry 10 decks with me any time I play ( 2 Mono, 3 duo, 3 trio, 1 5-color, 1 Guild)