Game #15: Azami, Lady of Scrolls

Game #15: Azami, Lady of Scrolls
Date: 2013-04-27
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Prime Speaker Zeganna; Savra, Queen of the Golgari (Guild), Wort the Raidmother (tokens, ‘creatureless’)
Result: Holy Sh!t, Win!?

Azami, Lady of ScrollsVsWort, the Raidmother

zegannaSavra, Queen of the Golgari

When my friend at the “Fun Table” said he was playing a creatureless deck, I knew I had to match it with Azami (more on her later).  We were all pretty pumped to not be at the Try Hard Comboville table, and after hearing them talk in a way that suggested that General=Deck, and only Optimized versions were worth playing, it just cemented the plan of playing Azami (who only joined the rotation today).

I win the roll, start out with a terrible 2 land hand. Decide to mulligan, find 10 land at the bottom of my deck, reshuffle and draw a 1 land hand. I peek at my topdeck (Land) and decide not to delay the game any more.  I’m stuck on 2 land for the first 5 turns, and discard some wizards. Riptide Lab hits the table and I can start casting things (Sage of Fables, Vodalian Illusionist, Frontline Sage), but then Sylvan Primordial from Savra is required to kill one of my lands… back down to 2 islands. Everyone else has tons of mana, and am resigned to this game being moderately unsatisfying.

Luckily people feel bad for me and all I take is 2 General Damage from Savra while the rest of the table ignores harmless little me. Though they dislike Fatespinner, so I let it die to a Savra activation. Also, good old “Bob” is beating up Savra to the tune of about 20 damage. Savra has tons of stuff and sac-outlets like Skeletal Vampire and Perilous Forays.  Some how I climb my way up to having mana again (though my Reliquary tower gets destroyed) and start casting some more wizards (Azami,  Tim, a Clone of Skeletal Vampire, the Merfolk that copies instants and sorceries) and drawing cards. Suddenly everyone but me (at 38) have tiny lifetotals, and I have fliers. Wort gets a ton of wolf tokens, but I’m able to use Tim and a pumped up (thanks to Zeganna’s Strength of the Tajuru) Clone to fly in for the win, and survive to draw into a Deep Channel Mentor to kill the other two the next turn (Savra had been at 1, and killed off Tim with the uncounterable new Golgari spell), just to steal a kill, Savra sacs her huge Wight of 6 to Jarad to kill Zeganna, but I have enough to get in for the kill.  I won this game only because everyone felt bad for me. It was another really fun game though.

About the Deck (

Azami was built because I hate the idea that there is one best right way to build a deck with a general, and also because I had a foil one from the Commander Cast  “Pack to Charity” binder.

There are lands and there are creatures in the deck. No sorceries, instants, planeswalkers or artifacts. Lots of Wizards (because Azami likes those, and the goal wasn’t to make a bad deck, just not drawallthecardsuntilinfiniteturnandmanacombo.dec), and the plan is to try to win by Poison (viral drake, inkmoth nexus, Quicksilver Gargantuan copying something with infect), or by Wizard Beatdown (or maybe Psychosis Crawler).  I really like this deck because it’s Mono Blue Wizards that win in the Red Zone.

I once had a player, upon seeing it, assume that it was “The Azami Deck” and respectfully ask me not to play it. This made me unhappy. I played it anyway, and once he realized that it wasn’t just trying to draw the whole deck and take infinite turns, he was cool with it.

It’s possible, with the right 5 or 6 card, creature-based combo to get a lot of extra turns via Wanderwine Prophets, but it’s next to impossible.

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