Game #20: Baron Sengir

Game #20: Baron Sengir (Drana Kalastria, Bloodchief) 
Date: 2013-05-08
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs:Olivia Voldaren
Result: FUN Loss

DSC03341-375VS.Olivia Voldaren

Starting out the night suffering yet another boring Nicol Bolas combo loss, I switched tables and joined a late arrival. I hadn’t settled on a deck, but when he said he was playing Olivia, I decided I had to match Vampire Tribal with Vampire Tribal.  Why would I do that when his general says “Gain Control of Any Creature in My Deck”?  If you have to ask that question, then you don’t get Fun.  Also, this deck is normally piloted by Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief, but while really good at smashing-face and spot removal, she doesn’t do anything for Vampires, so I switched over to The OG Vampire Boss, Baron Sengir (nicely altered by Balthor’s player).  This was going to be a silly game…

I shot out of the gates with a 3 land hand (which is great in this deck that plays way too few lands), and a Guul Draz Assasin.  I leveled him up all the way (good anti Olivia tech) and also played a Sangromancer.  Olivia dropped a Child of Night, but had a really slow mana start, and not a lot of red.

I played a few more small vampires, and Olivia built up some mana, and played a Necropolis Regent (the GD Assassin was ever vigilant to give Olivia some -4/-4 lovin’). I had Beseeched the Queen for a Cabal Coffers by this point. I took about 18 from the Regent before I was able to Blood Tribute, dropping Olivia to 19,.  Even at 41 life, a  24/24 Regent was not fun to see on the other side. So I popped a Nev’s Disk (using the Baron’s regeneration boon on the Assassin).

This, however, tapped the assassin, and that allowed Olivia to hit the table, and steal the assassin.  I swung with Baron Sengir for 5 general damage, but then he died to an Assassin/Olivia Ping maneuver.  I had many swamps and a Coffers, so recasting the Baron AND using a kill spell on Olivia was well within my power.  I swung in again with the Baron for 5 more. Olivia comes back, we do the same steal/assassinate/ping dance.

During this time, I’ve also activated a Bloodchief Asecension. Sengir is cast a third time and swings (he did 15 total), and Olivia is down to 1 life.  All I need is Olivia to put a single card in the yard, but the only creature I’ve got in hand is a Kalastria Highborn… vampire-based lifegain is not something I want Olivia to steal. I keep drawing more swamps and Olivia keeps attacking me.  Finally I draw an Exquisite Blood.  I bemoan the fact that it’s not a Sanguine Bond, then I draw a Sanguine Bond(!), but hey, still have to get a card in the yard.  But I can’t, and Olivia just keeps getting bigger and I totally die.

.At one point I was at 41 and Olivia was at 1, I had an auto-win combo on the board just needing a trigger, and I still lost.

This game was the most fun I’ve had since starting this project.

I actually found myself rooting for Olivia at 1 life (though I never stopped trying to get a Win in this game).  We decided to join the other table (where Balthor and Nicol Bolas were)…

About the Deck (

This is my one All Foil deck. It was the first Mono colored deck that I built, and I just really liked the look of the Zendikar Vampires, so I started getting them in foil.  I am not a Twilight fan (other than the fact that, as a Librarian, I approve of teens reading, regardless of my opinion of their choices), but I couldn’t not name a deck of Sparkly Vampires* “Team Edward.”

Drana is the normal general, and with 3 black mana boosters — Caged Sun (of course vampires would want to cage it), Nirkana Revenant and Gauntlet of Might — plus a Coffers, she can often clear an opponent of flying blockers and one-shot them.  Baron Sengir, though, is the spiritual leader of the deck, however, he isn’t available in foil, so I had my friend (the Balthor player) do a cool alteration of das Baron von Sengir to make it look like the card is bleeding.  It looks super cool  (this was before I started making foil proxies).

There are a few vampires in it that are not great in EDH — Ruthless Cullblade, Guul Draz Vampire, Barony Vampire — that just look too cool in foil not to include, and Screeching Bat is not cast as a Vampire, but they get a pass, along with Sengir Autocrat (because Serf Tokens).

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