Game #22: Sisters of Stone Death

Game # 22 : Sisters of Stone Death
Date: 2013-05-15
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs:Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice; Obzedat Ghost Council; Savra, Queen of the Golgari (guild)
Result: Neutral Win

Sisters of Stone Death vs ImageObzedat, Ghost CouncilTrostani, Selesnya's Voice

Having aborted the previous game (and engaged in conversation where Savra and I attempted to explain that the Azami deck was not “degenerate” it was just not fun to watch), we welcomed Obzedat (a new deck from a regular player) to the table and started again.

I started out with a pretty rad beginning, Mirri’s Guile and then Azusa, and I built up to eventually having Oracle of Muldaya, Phyrexian Arena and many lands on the table.  Obzedat come down early and started picking away at life totals, and Trostani had a Skull Clam get destroyed by Savra’s Vraska, which came down after a slow 1-land, Birds of Paradise and Elves of Deep Shadow beginning.

I was establishing a pretty strong board position, and Obzedat and Trostani were gaining a lot of life. Savra had established some sac-outlets, including Varolz, the Scar-striped.  I used Sisters to wipe Savra’s board and steal an Ogre Slumlord and Trostni Responded by casting Phyrexian Rebirth.  This wiped the board of my Oracle and Azusa, as well as my Creakwood Liege, but left me several rat tokens to keep the Gaea’s Cradle that I grabbed with Realms Uncharted  (that put an Urborg and Petrified Field in the ‘yard), and I felt like I was pretty set.

Obzedat just kept picking away at life totals via the General and a Buyback life-drain spell.  I top-decked a Crucible of Worlds, got back Urborg, which, along with a Cradle and a Cabal Coffers, meant I had tons of mana.  I had a lot of snake tokens from an Orochi Hatchery, but no Snake Lords to pump them up, so attacking or doing damage was a struggle. The Nu-Ravnican generals were both quite high in life.

I Beseeched the Queen for Ob-Nixilis, the Fallen, and then used my remaining rat tokens for Perilous Forays, emptying my deck of basic land, and taking a chunk of life from the two high-life-total players.  Savra was having trouble rebuilding.  All the while I’m being pounded down in life from the Phyrexian Altar and big Trostani Tokens, dropping down to about 8 by the end.    Sisters cleared the way for a 30+/30+ Ob-Nixilis and a 20+/20+ Geist Honored Monk (stolen from Trostani) to pound out Obzedat.

Trostani played a Phyrexian Altar, dropped his life down to 1 (from the 40s), hoping to make a token and populate it and gain a ton of life. Savra used Jarad to sacrifice a 3/3 and end Trostani’s last-ditch effort.  Without enough mana to activate Jarad again, I untap and am able to swing for the win.

It was a long game, and there were a lot of challenges. I had a pretty solid and unchallenged board position throughout, but dealing with that many lands/that much mana is really too much record keeping and card management, so I ended up struggling a bit to enjoy the victory.

About the Deck (

This deck started out with the intention to be two decks: one a mono-green snake tribal deck, and the other a BG Landfall deck.  Eventually they merged into a single deck, since the Kamigawa snakes play well with lands, and Sisters of the Stone Death are really fun if you have enough mana to make them matter.  Also Gorgons have snakes for hair, so all of the Orochi can be “Hair”.  And Lotus Cobra is a thing.

It’s not strictly tribal, as it contains land-friendly human wizards and elvish shaman, some worm tokens, and a pretty angry demon, but it still plays a lot of snakes just because they’re snakes.  This was the only deck that I own that was significantly affected by the Banning of Primeval Titan (which was replaced by Boundless Realms).

There are a lot of cool new lands that I could consider adding, but I find this kind of ramp deck gets tedious to play and mana-manage, so, while I like the deck and the commander, I don’t play it all that often.

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