Game #23: Numot the Devastator

Game # : Numot the Devastator (Gwafa Hazid, Profitteer/Norin the Wary)
Date: 2013-05-15
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Savra, Queen of the Golgari (guild); Gisela, Blade of Goldnight
Result: Fun, quick, Loss

Numot, the Devastator vs.

ImageGisela, Blade of Goldnight

I had a lot of Blue and White mana-producers in a hand full of red cards.  Savra came out of the gate with a vengeance, getting Savra, Seal of Doom, Shambling Shell, Perilous Forays and regrowing a Doubling Season after I Mana-Tithe it.  Gisela built up with a Spikeshot Elder, Brion Stoutarm and a Furious Assault, as well as a Hound of Griselbrand.

I don’t look to be able to keep a creature on the board due to Savra having multiple recurrable creatures and sac-outlets for them.  I play a Mana-echoes (that never gets used) and a Hero of Oxid Ridge (that attempts to attack and is sacrificed).    Gisela is able to get Savra off the board, and the Hound gets Seal of Doomed.

Looking at my hand (Which is all enchantments that would work great if I had creatures (that I didnt’ have)), I play Airforce One (aka Numot) beause, hey, it’s a flying beater, and get a swing in on Savra for 6 general damage the following turn.

At this point the shopkeeper comes up to let us all know he has to close early and to please try to wrap up the games.  I, and Numot, survive to the next turn, and I draw the land to be able to cast a +9/+0 Enrage and General Damage out Savra.   Gisela is on the board and swings at me along with a little lifelink angel, putting my life down to 5 and then casting an X spell to kill me.

It was a quick one, but it was fun.

About the Deck (tapped out coming soon)

This is actually a Tag-Team Commander Deck featuring Gwafa Hazid, Profitteer/Norin the Wary.  Numot is a “just for the colors” substitute when not playing tag-team style; this is normally anathema to me, but I allow it in this deck.

The theme here is AMERICA!!!!  It’s a human tribal deck that uses a lot of the Innistrad block human-tribal cards.  Gwafa represents Blue America’s Beauracracy and White-Collar America’s greed, and Norin is a cowardly red-stater. (He’s also really good with human-based ETB effects)

Every land in the deck is a foreign printing. Numot is the big airforce that blows stuff up (even though I don’t usually intend to play him, and never intend to use his land-destruction capabilities).

Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer/Norin the Wary

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