Game #24 : Heartless Hidetsugu

Game #24 : Heartless Hidetsugu
Date: 2013-05-22
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Karador, Ghost Chieftain (all creature); Damia, Sage of Stone (good stuff)
Result: Medium fun Loss

Heartless HidetsuguVS.

Damia, Sage of StoneKarador, Ghost Chieftain

After a mulligan, I started with a hand full  of land including an Urza’s Mine and a Ghitu Encampment, plus an Expedition Map and Swiftfoot Boots. Thinking possible Urzatron, I keep it. Karador plays an early Hermit Druid to load up his graveyard and also an Oracle of Muldaya.  Geth and a Mindslicer also join his side.  Damia copies the Oracle with a Phantasmal Image and Bojuka Bogs Karador. My boots die to a Sylvan Primordial.  I’m trying to figure a way to cast Heartless and use him on the same turn.  Karador and Damia continue to steal and kill each other’s stuff.  Rakka Mar is mostly useless on my side.

I get Gratuitous Violence in to play, which is mostly ignored. Damia plays a Living Death that puts a ton of stuff on everyone’s board but mine.  I Godo up a Lightning Greaves, but then Mindslicer is sac’ed and it causes me to discard the Glacial Chasm that I had mapped for.  At this point Karador has a 29/29 Lord of Extinction.  I draw 8 cards, none of which are good, off of Farsight Mask.

A fourth player has arrived, so I decide to end the game. I play Heartless, equip the Greaves and deal half-life-times-two damage to everyone. Unfortunately, Gratuitous Violence prevents me from getting Damia off of an Odd life total, so he wins.

Since this deck is all about doing tons of damage to everyone (and sometimes not me), it was pretty fun even though I didn’t win.

About the Deck ( tappedout coming soon)

The goal, of course, is to do massive damage to everyone at the table, and maybe prevent it to myself. Giving Heartless haste, lifelink, un-tapping ability, Glacial Chasm, etc aids in that goal. The secondary theme is ‘make stuff artifacts for fun and profit’. Mycosynth Lattice, Joven, Chandler and the new Dragon that steals and wins games are the alternate routes to victory.  I really like this deck, but it can be un-fun for a table since it smashes everyone so hard and equally.

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