Game #28 : The Reaper King

Game #28 : The Reaper King

Date: 2013-06-01

Location: A friend’s house in Baltimore, MD vs: Voltron (custom deck)

Result: Fun Loss

Reaper KingVSVoltron Defender of the Universe

One of the best thing about casual formats is that you can play homemade cards. I’m totally for it (as long as the cards are made with the spirit of the format in mind, and are basically balanced (or unbalanced towards being worse)).  My friend built an actual Voltron voltron deck that is full of custom cards.   I decided to pit my WUBRG robot vs. his.

I started out with 3 lands, two of which were Lairs, and had to do A LOT of land tricks to get a manabase going.  I had  Lord of the Unreal, Diamond Kaleidoscope and a Crystal Ball to help out a bit.

Reaper king hit the board, but got destroyed, and I was stuck on 40 lands for quite a bit of time, all the while being milled by Voltron with a Sword of Body and Mind.  I tried to get out both Spirit Mirror (for changeling trickery), but it was Krosan Gripped. I got out Reaper King again, and was able to destroy the Sword, but my Runed Stalactite was also destroyed.

Voltron had all his Lions out, and I eventually died to a big General Damage swing.

It was an uphill battle the whole way, but it was a lot of fun.

About the Deck ( The goal here was to exploit Changelings and Lord-style creatures. Since there’s no uber-changeling, I went with the most fun (and affordable) 5-color legend that acts in a lordly way.  This deck is the only 5C deck where I only run a single basic land of each type.  Runed Stalactite on the Reaper King is usually a good play.

BONUS: Voltron’s Team

PIDGE (Nissa Revane)


Green Lion (Do you know who this Really is…)Green LionAllura the Moon SageBlue Lion

Keith Kogane Black Lion  HunkYellow Lion  Lance Red Lion

One of Voltron’s Swords (modified for Felinity)Sword of Body and Mind

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