Card Creation: 4-Color Generals, part 4

The Dynamic Duo Cycle

This is another “off-color activation” cycle for achieving a 4-color identity.  This time the idea was the other two colors represent the second member of the duo.

Brannock and Gyr

Brannock and Gyr

A Knight and his Griffin. Brannock is an aggressive attacker, and Gyr allows him to divebomb.  UG aren’t normally Griffin (or Gryffinfdor) colors, but the abilities granted are right for the colors. UUGG buys you both flying and trample.

Fury and Vengeance


Fury and Vengeance

Samurai Twins. Protection from Blue is a cop-out, and I feel like I give out Double Strike and Trample too often, though Double Strike is fitting here. Paying to get Bushido is kind of cool.

Mosk and Merc

Mosk and Merc 

Mosk and Merc had their names stolen from the pages of the Wheel of Time series of books.  Mosk guys will steal your best Sword,stab you in the face with it, and then Merc will chuck it back at, not to, you.


Saralen and Cersei

Saralen and CerseiSister of the Sea  

Saralen’s name didn’t get borrowed from fantasy literature, Cersei’s did (though not intentionally).  I like Twin generals like Stangg, so I knew one of these had to be that style.  If Saralen Summons her Sister of the Sea, their siren song seduces attacks, and then soothes savagery aimed at you.

Trag and Allowin

Trag and Allowin

Allowin’s name also comes from Sci-Fi literature. This one has Flavor Text.   I know that regeneration already causes the creature to tap (at least it used to),  but this allows Allowin to tap opposing creatures… they just get a random bonus of being a troll.

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