Card Creation: 4-Color Generals, part 5

Another activated-abilities cycle.  This one is missing a second RW legend (with a UG) activation, but only because I forgot to make one.

Zoga the Meek

Zoga the Meek

Zoga was tired of his goblin kinfolk being slaughtered (or dying due to their own idiocy), so he studied the darker arts to help keep them alive. As he grows stronger, his clan grows bolder.

Vivvixia of Warpwood

Vivvixia of Warpwood

Vivvixia turns the natural cycle of life into knowledge and vengeance.

Kharalus Warpwinged

Kharalus Warpwinged

Kharalus does not breathe fire, but instead exhales literal life and death.



A mutant ooze that absorbs anything around it. It does not, however, kill what it engulfs, instead amalgamates its captives.

This was supposed to be creature type Ooze Mutant.  This card is possibly too complicated, but I like that it can act as removal or as wrath protection.

San’ai Vig

Sanai Vig Psychaeologist

San’ai, a cousin of Momir, is somewhat of an outcast from the Simic Guild, dabbling in Orzhov magic (without their consent… she didn’t want to fill out the forms).

Her +1/+1 counter ability was created before Evolve, and was meant to work with Graft creatures. She can cast regrowth by stealing life-essence from her allies.

Pradoc and Pradice

Pradoc the Mindbender Pradice the Soulraiser

Twin brother and sister, Pradoc and Pradice take very different paths in their magical craft. Pradoc mimics spells, while Pradice mimics souls.

Pradoc acts as a modified Gerrard’s Verdict, pushing opponents to discard spells he can copy. Pradice works to get creatures in the graveyard for copying.

Old Flamegnarl

Old Flamegnarl  

Once the tallest and oldest tree in his forest,  he was the only tree  left standing(Woodwing took to the air) when the forest was burned. Though he died in the conflagration, his spirit bound itself to the flames and returned to animate his body.

Grathus Woodbane

Grathus Woodbane

Grathus Woodbane is the vampire that turned Kvasha into a vampire. He was a hermit who fancied himself a necromancer. One of his rituals went awry, turning him into an undead.

This one is getting updated text to allow copying of Legendary creatures now that the Legend Rule has changed

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