Game #29: Ashling the Extinguisher

Game #29: Ashling the Extinguisher
Date: 2013-06-16
Location: friend’s house in Duluth, MN
vs: Crovax, Ascendant Hero ; Angus McKenzie
Result: Fun Loss

Ashling, the ExtinguisherVSCrovax, Ascendant HeroAngus MacKenzie

After playing an 8-pack Modern Master’s Sealed (I didn’t win the Tarmogoyf lottery… Sword of Light and Shadow was the only card of note in the box), I got a chance to play some EDH.  I had to lend one of my decks (Angus/Agnes McKenzie) to my friend, since he didn’t bring any EDH decks.

I went first and dropped an Urborg. I had another swamp, a dark ritual, Hatred and Howl from Beyond in my opening hand.  I played an early Reassembling Skeleton and a Corrosive Mentor.  Angus did a lot of ramping (the deck is based around landfall/land tricks and some token tricks), Crovax tutored for a Land Tax and played a Skull Clamp.

I got out my general on turn 5 and then used my ritual to play a Butcher of Malakir.  I attacked Crovax for 4. The butcher got Swords to Plowshares-ed.    Angus had a Patern of Rebirth on a Fertilid and Crovax had an Aura of Silence.  I attacked Angus, hoping to draw Crovax to sac the Aura (so I could safely play a Wound Reflection) to destroy the Pattern. He didn’t (“I want to see what he’ll get”) and Meloku,the Clouded Mirror was reborn.  Angus then played a Mirror Sigil Sergeant.

Crovax was building up a small army of Soldier tokens via Mobilization.  I played a Strands of Night and a Nefarox. I got a few attacks in with Nefarox, but was met with blockers (spirits from Meloku). Both opponents built up sizeable token armies. I sacced Nefarox to Disciple of Bolas. The following turn,  I cast Mutilate for 9 and then reassembled a skeleton which was then sacrificed to Victimize, which got me back a Nefarox and Corrosive Mentor.

Aura of Silence killed my Strands of Night, which allowed me to cast Wound Reflection. Angus played a Storm Cauldron, as a delaying tactic, which put both me and Crovax in a bind.  Angus copied a crovax’s Reya, Dawnbriger with a Vesuvan Doppleganger (playing under M14 rules), and used Scouting Trek/Treasure Hunt to get the last few basic lands into hand.  I used a Xenic Poltergeist to animate the Cauldron and Crovax sucked it up and cast a Martial Coup.

I followed up with a Massacre Wurm, but Crovax used a sac-outlet to prevent himself from losing 20 life.  I recast Ashling. Angus used Trade Routes to keep drawing cards.

I saw an opening that could win me the game: I gave Ashling Swampwalk with an enchantment, attacked Angus (at 18 life) and, anticipating Wound Reflection, cast howl from beyond  to put her power to 9,(before blockers, as I assumed her unblockable).  She got Cytoshaped into a 3/3 green centaur with protection from black, knocking the enchantment off and making her blockable. I had hoped to repeat the process the following turn using Hatred to do the last 17 General Damage to Crovax.  Instead Ashling died.

Crovax StoneCloaker-ed my Skeleton. I cast a Shelodred, which got Parallax Waved away. I cast an Avatar of Woe and then attacked with a Hunted Horror, which would have killed Angus (no general on the board), but he Mirrorweaved everything to Avatar of Woe and then events lead to my board being wiped of guys.

I made a last attempt with a 24/24 Umbra Stalker, but there wasn’t much I could do at that point without evasion. My hope was to get Sheoldred to get back a Disciple of Bolas and gain 24 life and draw 24 cards. Instead I died to damage from giant soldiers.

The game continued on for quite awhile with lots of back-and-forth. Tradewind Rider vs Isochron Scepter (Disenchant), Sundial of the Infinite tricks to save creatures. Eventually a Catapult Master was able to take control and Angus fell (at 6 life for almost an hour). Crovax only took 4 damage (from Ashling) the whole game.

It was long, but fun. My friend who played my Angus deck is a good player, and I like letting him play my decks (1. because they are bad, which gives me a chance against him, and 2. because he does well with whatever he’s given).  However, the night had gotten late, and he had to go home.

About the Deck: (tappedout coming soon)

This deck started out as being a deck about  “Black Cards with Purple in the Art”, but became a super-mono black deck (every card in the deck, with the exception of Thespian’s Stage and Urborg, which is pretty darn black) has Black Color Identity.  It was going to be ‘sacrifice matters’ but I had too many ideas and cards selected, so I chose to limit it to being only ‘black’ cards.   It has a “Swamps Matter” sub-theme, and it’s really fun to play Umbra Stalker with a big Chroma count.  I really enjoy playing this deck. It’s not subtle, it’s not control, it’s just black aggro.

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