Game # 31.1, 31.2: Doran the Siege Tower

Game # 31.1, 31.2: Doran the Siege Tower
Date: 2013-06-16
Location: A Friend’s House in Duluth
vs: Glissa the Traitor
Result:  Redo, Loss

Doran, the Siege Tower vs.Glissa, the Traitor

After a lopsided win in Thrun v. Kira, we decided to get one more game in. I switched to Doran, and my opponent switched to Glissa.

I start out with a Murmuring Boskand and a Forest in hand. Since Doran comes down cheap, I figure this is okay. I am wrong.  I miss the rest of my land drops.  Glissa, on the other hand has tons of artifact-based ramp (Thran Dynamo, Krark Clan Iron Works, Palladium Myr, Mind Stone, etc).  A Steel Overseer, some Precursor Golems, a Mimic Vat… all are things that combine to kill me and my two lands.  Since I didn’t even get to play anything other than a Slagwurm Armor, I decide that I get a Do-Over…

On to Game Two.  This time around I start with a Swamp, Forest, and draw a Selesnya Sanctuary.  I play a Treefolk Harbinger for a Timber Protector.  Then my Sanctuary is Strip-Mined.  I manage to get a Somberwald Dryad on the table, and then I die to a Berserk-ed 7/7 Infect creature.  The end.

I really enjoy this deck, so I’m kind of bummed that it bombed out like this.

About the Deck (

Despite what it seems like from the reports above, this deck does run an appropriate number of lands.  I call it “Big Dumb Treefolk,” because that’s what it is about. Treefolk with big Toughness, Toughness boosters, and Doran.  There’s a minor “creatures of the Forest” theme: Squirrels, and the Doran-improved Joven’s Ferrets, and a few  Dryads.

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