Game #33 : Kresh, the Blood-Braided

Game #33 : Kresh, the Blood-Braided
Date: 2013-07-09
Location: Friend’s house in Duluth
vs: Lorax, the Siege Tower; Varolz, the Scar-Striped; Gaddock Teeg
Result: Mostly Fun Loss

Kresh the BloodbraidedVS.  Doran the Siege Tower

Varolz, the Scar-StripedGaddock Teeg

I had just updated Kresh with some new cards from RtR block, so I decided to give him a whirl in the second game of the evening.  I had plenty of land in the opening hand, plus the newly-added Birthing Pod, so I was happy.

Teeg started with a Ground Seal and cast another cantrip to try to draw a land.  I Birthing Podded something into an Acidic Slime to get rid of the Ground Seal (since my deck does some targeted graveyard recursion). Later the Pod is Krosan Gripped  When I got to 5-lands, I played Kresh and equipped Lightning Greaves.

Teeg had a Dauntless Escort and Saffi Eriksdotter assisting him, and Varolz had an opening on the table. Doran played an Avenger of Zendikar with 7 lands, and then Enlightened tutored on his upkeep of the next turn for a Beastmaster Ascension and plowed through to kill Varolz.   Teeg was keeping both me and Doran from some of our other important spells.    Doran was only at 10 and was tapped out except for the general.  I used the “Blood” half of  Flesh // Blood to have the Acidic Slime kill a 5/10 Doran, which made Kresh 8/8, and swung in to kill Doran.

At this point I have 6 lands, my hand consists of Hamletback Goliath, Butcher of Malakir, and at least one other 7+ Mana bomb creature. I also have two great recursion tricks… both of which have CMC over 4.  The only card I can play is Surestrike Trident, which isn’t that bad, but I only get one use out of it (for about 10) with Kresh before it’s destroyed.  Despite a Very Large Kresh, I’m unable to get through for the win, and after my Gruul Karoo is destroyed, I get swarmed by the Greenie Weenies.

About the Deck: (TappedOut coming someday)

This one uses a lot of sacrifice effects to pump up Kresh. It does, now, include  Flesh//Blood, and it has Surestrike Trident, but I didn’t put Fling in this one.  It has a lot of reanimation effects (but the bigger ones, like Cauldron Dance, etc.), and it’s back up plan is to do stuff with Necrotic Ooze  (like try to Birthing Pod chain Devoted Druid into Quillspike into the Nooze).  Forawhile it had a number of Demons in it, but I pulled many of them to put in another deck.   I don’t play this one all that often. It needs more utility spells and removal.

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