Game #34: Aurelia, the Warleader

Game #34: Aurelia, the Warleader (non-guild)
Date: 2013-07-09
Location: Friend’s house in Duluth
vs: Kumano, Master Yam; Varolz, the Scar-Striped; Linvala, Keeper of Silence
Result: Fun Win

Aurelia, the WarleaderVS.Kumano, Master Yamabushi

Varolz, the Scar-StripedLinvala, Keeper of Silence

My opening hand had one land, and a bunch of really cool 2-drops, but I didn’t feel like taking a risk. Sadly, the people I was playing with used mulliganing (I’m used to at least one free “this is a casual/fun format with no prizes and mana-screw sucks” mulligan”) so I had to go down to 6 cards  (I HATE the Partial-Sculpting mulligan)… this was not going to be a great game…

My new hand was playable though (it had at least one of each color). Varolz  was on the attack out of the  gates, with a Hypnotic Specter and a Survival of the Fittest.  The Hippie was aimed at Kumano.  I spent the early part of the game playing lands. I got to 4, and was hoping to cast Assmble the Legion, when  Kumano spun the Wheel and we all drew 7. I drew 4 lands, a Cluestone and an equipment or somthing minor.  My two weenie dudessat on the table, and I literally just dropped lands for the next few turns.

Linvala was building up a good army, and dropping Swords left and right. One got exiled by a cat, the other got Oblivion Ringed by me after it pinged me for 2.  Akroma had also come out to play.  Varolz got a Sylvan Primordial and picked off one of my lands (usually I hate that, but it wasn’t so bad with a hand full of them), and then Survivaled for Sheoldred.

Thanks to Linvala’s Extraplanar Lens, I had tons of mana. Just nothing to cast.  I chump blocked Sheoldred twice (dudes were gonna die on my turn anyway).  Then Linvala, my secret hero, played the “destroy all non-white stuff” spell and saved us from Sheoldred.   Kumano hadn’t had much of an impact on the game, or was at least leaving me along.

Now that I could cast things, I got started. First I put a Boros Charm on a Spellbinder, played Aurelia, equipped and swung, hitting Varolz  for 9 after casting the double strike mode before the 2nd attack.  I also did 8 damage to Linvala with the other two Spellbinder triggers.  However, Varolz pulled back the damn Sylvan Primordial (Reach… ugh) and also popped my spellbinder.  Linvala cast Day of Judgment, and Marshall’s Anthem-ed back Akroma.

Kumano and Varolz continued to fight each other, with Kumano DragonStorming out 3 dragons, and I was able to sneak in Odric, Master Tactician, Darksteel Plate and a Sunforger. Before my turn I Rallied in two soldier tokens.  On my turn I had enough to re-cast Aurelia and Equip the Sun Forger AND cast Battle Mastery on her, which gave me 4 creatures ready to attack… A lot.

I needed both Attack steps to eliminate Varolz and Kumano, and was also able to land some General Damage on Linvala. Odric had decided that there would not be blocking happening at this point.   However I was at low enough life that Linvala’s counter attack would have finished me off (since I couldn’t block Akroma), luckily I was able to throw a magic hammer and find an Angel Song to keep myself alive and hang on for the victory.

This marks the 2nd time in this project that one of my Aurelia decks has pulled off a WTF style victory.

About the Deck: (TappedOut coming soon)

I enjoy my Guild Aurelia deck so much, I wanted to try her out with a wider selection of cards.  This one is just about attacking, and doing it a lot.  It can get infinite attack steps using one of my all time favorite cards, Angelic Renewal (love the Rebecca Guay art), and Sun Titan and a sac outlet,  or an Adarkar Valkyrie and a sac-outlet.   I had an extra Boros Reckoner, so he’s in there too, and he can do his Lifelink/Indestructible shenanigans as a back up.    Gisela is around, as is Odric and a number of other creatures with Battalion.   At one point I had considered Astral Slide, but there wasn’t room, though there are still a few cycling cards

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