Game #55: Child of Alara (Ravnica)

Game #55: Child of “Ravnica” (Maze’s End)
Date: 2013-08-28
Location: Family Game Store
Result: Fun Win
Vs. Karona, False God; Trostani; Sapling of Colfenor; Braids, Conjuror Adept


Child of AlaravsKarona, False GodTrostani, Selesnya's VoiceSapling of Colfenor Braids, Conjurer Adept

This was a crazy game.  The guy who usually plays Balthor took the helm of our other friend’s Karona deck (random cool foils theme) so he could play Sapling.

I started with no Gates in hand, but 3 shock-lands and a coiling oracle. I also play an early Sacred Ground and a few Cluestones.  Braids’ Fatespinner slows down the early game.   Karona hits the table early on and starts making the rounds.

I get a Rings of Brighthearth and a Vesuva and a Maze’s End.  Trostani has a Voice of Resurgence and some other things and Braids is ramping with Dreamscape Artist.  Karona gets hits in on Trostani and Braids, and then hits her owner twice.  Karona’s owner does quite a bit of ramping.

There was a lot of crazy politics-ing happening about how and where to send Karona, who has put everyone but me into General Damage range.  Thanks to the Rings and occasional double-Maze-ing with Vesuva, however, I am able to hang on to win by Completing the Dragon’s Maze.

The write-up here  (being written several months after the fact) doesn’t quite do justice to the crazy and fun stuff that was happening in this game.

Karona’s Damage output was:   Me: 8, Herself:16, Trostani: 16, Braids: 24, Sapling: 13.   I played the following Maze Runners: Melek, Varolz, Tajic and Ruric Thar.

About the Deck ( is a preliminary list)

The goal is to win via Maze’s End.  Even though they aren’t all great for the deck, all 10 Maze Runner legends are in the deck, as well as all 10 shock lands (despite what the list above says). It’s not strictly Ravnica Block in construction, since there’s a great need for non-basic land searching that Ravnica block cards can’t provide. I’m definitely going to slot in the Tempting Offer land searcher, not that I expect anyone will ever let me draw off of it.

I don’t have the image easily on hand, but the full-art foil proxy I made for this one actually says “Child of Ravnica” on it instead of Alara. The general doesn’t often get cast, but since the deck mostly depends on Lands to win, it’s not a bad choice.

Game #54: Mikaeus the Unhallowed

Game #54: Mikaeus the Unhallowed
Date: 2013-08-28
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
Vs: Molimo, Maro Sorcerer; Savra, Queen of the Golgari (GUILD); Karona, the False God
Result: Mostly Fun Loss

MikeShadevsMolimo, Maro-SorcererImage Image (1)

I keep a 1 land hand with a Blood Pet, and don’t draw another land until Turn 4. Molimo and Karona play tons of Lands and Savra plays a Corpsejack Menace which becomes a Slave of Bolas for Karona. I have a Pawn of Ulamog and a Solemn Simulacrum. Molimo plays a Yew Spirit, and Karona plays Oros, but both get sacrificed to a Savra activation.

I cast Mikaeus, and do a few tricks with Mindless Automaton and an Avatar of Woe, but Karona kills Mike and makes other stuff die too. At some point Savra uses Hex to clear the board of all but her minions and I get hit for 18 by a Wight of Precinct 6. I recast Mikaeus, and my Thornbite Staff is Naturalized before I can get it on Avaatar of Woe. Karona returns and starts making the rounds, knocking me down to 3 life. Eventually Savra uses her brother Jarad to sacrifice enough things to kill off the table.

About the Deck: (Tapped Out someday)

This is a deck made to take advantage of Sacrifice and ETB triggers. It has some silly stuff, but it also happily plays Triskelion, and I have won games by Mike & Trike. The best feature is that I have a sweet altered card for the General (not a printed foil, but an acutal painted alter) of The Shade from DC Comics’ “Starman” series that Balthor’s owner did for me on commission.

Game #53: AtogAtog

Game #53: AtogAtog
Date: 2013-08-28
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs. Savra (GUILD)
result: fun loss

I kept a 2 land hand and drew into a third, playing the OG Atog on turn 2 and then just kept playing lands. Savra had lots of little things out, but also a Lotleth Troll that was big. Sisters of Stone Death come out and eats Atog, and my Mycosynth Lattice and Martyr’s Bond get Hull Breached. I Recoil the Troll and play a Legacy Weapon. Then Gaze of Granite wipes the baord. I recast AtogAtog witha Shield of the Oversoul, but Savra can keep making Bats with Skeletal Vampire and keep me having to sacrifice things. I also died to those bats.

At some point one of us could have won the game by sacrificing our entire board (as artifacts from the Lattice) to an AtogAtog. I don’t remember now which one of us it was, since we both had the Atog.

About the Deck ( )

AtogAtog and all of his edible Children, plus a few more useful creatures. Mikeaus serves up a second helping, Thopter Assembly makes tasty artifact tokens for original atog, and Mycosynth lattice makes stuff extra Atog-edible. Also Enchanted Evening and other things.  Beyond that it’s just AtogAtog Voltron, but I like it!

Game#52: Momir Vig, SIMIC GUILD

Game#52: Momir Vig, SIMIC GUILD
Date: 2013-08-21
Location: Family Game Store
vs: Savra (GUILD)
Result: Fun Win

Momir Vig, Simic VisionaryvsImage

Crazy Mess-with-the-living Guild vs. Crazy Mess-with-the-dead guild. I start with a 5 land hand and a Vigean Hydropon. Savra has a Dark Confidant and Birds of Paradise. I get a Master Biomancer and Savra gets Jarad. I play Momir Vig, but it’s Seal of Doomed. I try Vig again, but it’s Sealed again thanks to a Recollect, so I play Vorel instead. Jarad is back too, doing tricks with his Sister to make me sacrifice things. Then there’s a Corpsejack Menace. I comment that it would be really nice if I could play black mana, then I recast Vig followed by Coiling Oracle and search up Progenitor Mimic… to copy the Corpsejack Menace. I some how am able to keep ahead of Savra’s sac-forcing and hang on to the Corpsejack Mimi, and then get out a huge Fathom Mage and a big Fluxmage. I get up to 5 Corpsejac Menace tokens, and play an 80/80 Nimbus Swimmer and use that to fly in for more victory than is necessary. Corpsejack menace is a great Simic card.

About the Deck
Another of the 10 guild decks. I used Momir Vig because he lets me get all of the other cool creatures. Also, everyone and their mother/brother/cousin/dog has a Prime Speaker Zeganna Deck these days, so I’ve vowed not to use PSZ as a general.

Game #51: Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice

Game #51: Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice
Date: 2013-08-21
Location: Family Game Store
vs.: Savra (GUILD)
result: fun loss

Trostani, Selesnya's VoicevsSavra, Queen of the Golgari

This is a non-guild Trostani life-gain deck. I played an early Ajani’s Pridemate and an Armadillo Cloak, which was Abruptly Decayed. Savra played a Korozda Guildmage. I played Healer of the Pride, Trostani and an Essence Warden, but they got Hexed. I played something with double strike and lifelink, but they were things that could by Sylvan Primordialed. Savra played a Necropolis Regent that got really big. I wasn’t having awesome luck with my draws. A doubling season hit the table, but I was able to Ray it from the graveyard. I died, 1 mana short of an entwined Tooth and Nail that would have won the game.

About the Deck: Tapped Out someday

This deck happened as a spin off of building Seton (and cards that didn’t make the cut when it was going to be partial Beast tribal, went on to become the core of Marath).  The goal is to gain a lot of life, and use life-gain triggers to enable win-condition creatures. It has the infinite Archangel of Thune/ Spike Feeder combo in it, and is the first deck I ever put a Tooth and Nail in (though not the first deck I cast it with).

Game #50.1, #50.2: Animar, Soul of Elements #1

Game #50.1: Animar, Soul of Elements #1
Date: 2013-08-21
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs.: Merieke ri Berit; Balthor
result: accidental combo loss

Animar Soul of ElementsVS Balthor the DefiledMerieke Ri Berit

It was my first game back after summer break, and I had recently de-sliver-ized my Animar deck (as previously played by my brother in this match) and since it was Game #50, I decided it was time to play this deck.

I started with a Glitterfang, and was able to play Animar and a Phyrexian Walker on turn 3. Balthor played, Urborg, Bazaar of Baghdad, Cavern of souls and Coffers. I had great cards in hand and was poised to do awesome stuff, but Balthor accidentally got some manner of Infinite combo to happen really early. He said “oops, redo”.

Game #50.2
second verse, same as the first
result: mostly fun loss

I started with Llanowar Reborn and good mana, an early Oracle of Mul Daya. My Azusa is countered. My Momir vig gets an Etherium Minotaur guy, but they all go away to Living Death. Balthor is Mana Drained by Merieke. Balthor is re-cast and Merieke decides to go test for Standard instead of finishing the game (conceding because other people showed up, not because of game-state).

Balthor is eating my graveyard with a Withered Wretch, but I have my land-dudes back until Azusa is Skinrender-ed. I get a Magus of the Future and a Void-mage Husher. Balthor Beseeches the Queen for a Coffers and knocks me down to 13 with an attack, and then Damnations.

I play a Spearbreaker Behemoth, but it gets sacced to a Liliana. I transmute for Ruric Thar, but Animar is also somehow shuffled into my deck. Pontiff of Blight extorts me to 6, then 2 and I die to a swing.

About the Deck ( )

This one is definitely one of my 3 favorite decks. It’s one that I tinker with  the most, so the above list is probably off by 4-6 cards.  The deck is all creatures and lands and it is a lot of fun to play. It can have ridiculously explosive turns, but also long ones, so I don’t often play it more than once in a sitting. The Therosian Gods are all really good in the deck.  I have pictures taken and will probably do a full post just about the deck at some point.


Game #49.1, 49.2: Rafiq of the Many

Game #49.1: Rafiq of the Many
Date: 2013-08-15
Location: Home, Duluth, MN
vs. Thraximundar
Result: silly Loss

Rafiq of the ManyvsThraximundar

One last game with my brother before heading back to Maryland. We were still doing Planechase, starting at Tember City, but we rolled to Kilnspire district on the first turn. I had 3 lands, and I tried to leave kilnspire district quickly, but to no avail. My brother casts an early Rooftop Storm thanks to the plane, and I cast Rafiq, but he counters with Thraximundar on turn 3 or four and I sacrifice Rafiq. I spend much mana trying to leave the plane, but I can only manage to cast Wax/Wane on the Rooftop Storm. Thraximundar hits me. I roll 4 times to leave the plane. Rafiq doesn’t stay on the board. I get rid of Rafiq, but the Kilnspire has like 9 counters on it, so Thrax is going to come back no matter what. I roll Chaos and kill Thrax, but hey, haste and I lose.

Since this was Rafiq’s last ride before being transformed into a Hippo tribal deck, and since turn 3 Thraximundar is unfun at any speed, we decided to play one more game.

Game #49.2
same day
vs Teneb the Harvester
Result: fun and epic win

Rafiq of the ManyvsTeneb, the Harvester

We started on the Furnace Layer, but it sucked so we pitched it. Norn’s Annex also sucked, so we pitched it and took Cliffside Market.
He started with a swamp, I had a 1 land hand with a Noble Hierarch. I played an Aven Squire, and my brother planeswalked us with Interplanar Tunnel into Stairs to Infinity. I play a Sword of Vengeance and suit up the Aven, then play Rafiq, who gets Beast Within-ed. I swing with the Aven, and Teneb Buries Alive Massacre Wurm, It That Betrays and Avatar of Woe. He reanimates the Wurm and I have to put the sword on the surviving Beast Token.

It that betrays is Zombified, but I Bant Charm it away and also find a way to Kill the Massacre Wurm. Teneb is loading the yard and making zombies with a Zombie Infestation, I have some more Exalted Birds, but they all die to Eternal Witness returning Zombify for the Massacre Wurm. I have Teneb at low life, but he keeps gaining life or wiping my board. Vault of the Archangel is doing work for his team.

I throw a Bear Umbra on Sigil Paladin and cast a Behemoth Sledge. After attacking I play Rafiq. Liliana Vess shows up and so does a giant Demon of some sort. I’m able to Meddle a Doom Blade aimed at Rafiq to take out Eternal Witness. Swinging with the Sledged and Sworded Rafiq is enough to secure a victory in Rafiq’s final game.

About the Deck (

This was an Exalted/Rafiq Voltron deck. Nothing to special about it, but it did win some games in its day. I started pulling some of the artifacts in this list to put in other decks. Ultimately I decided that I wanted to make a vicious Pheldagriff deck, and reconfigured the deck enough to consider it to be taken apart and re-built.

Of course I wanted to cast Finest Hour a lot, because it makes me think of Scott Pilgrim, thus the name of the deck.

Game #48: Lazav (Dimir GUILD)

Game #48: Lazav (Dimir GUILD)
Date: 2013-08-08
Location: My Childhood home in Duluth
vs.: Aurelia (Guild); Trostani (Guild)


Lazav, Dimir Mastermindvs.Aurelia, the WarleaderTrostani, Selesnya's Voice

My brother and fiance were both down to play a guild deck game again, so we gathered ’round the dining room table. I had a 4 land hand, but very few swamps. I played Bloodletter’s Quill (which is  a silly card).  Lazav came out on turn 5.

the Boros guild (fiance) had a Viashino Firstblade, and brother Selesnya had a Phantom General.  An Armada Wurm ended up in the graveyard, so Lazav became it and so did a Dimir Doppleganger.

The Boros  swung at me with Tajic, Firemane Avenger and something else to hit for 12.  I Hex away most of the board and Lazav becomes a Phytohydra.

Aurelia swings at the Selesnya (who have a Trostani’s Summoner and some tokens), with Aurelia, Tajic, Agrus Kos and another dude, but Kos gets killed. Trostani is down to 10 and has 18 general damage.

Lazav and the Doppleganger are now both Giant Adephages. Trostani regains some life, and convoke Exiles the Doppleganger-adephage, and Razia joins Aurelia. Then they kill Trostani.

I Mind Grind for 7, but I  think it gets Frontline Medic-ed. So I kill the Medic and use Codex Shredder to get back Mind Grind, cast it for 8 and win via Mill.

About the Deck: This is a Guild deck. All the cards are from Ravnica sets, and are either Dimir Stamped or un-guilded.

Game #47: The Mimeoplasm

Game #47: The Mimeoplasm
Date: 2013-08-07
Location: The living room of my childhood home in Duluth,MN
Vs.: Rhys the Redeemed

The MimeoplasmvsRhys the Redeemed

Another battle through the plains vs my brother (whose middle name is Rhys).  This time we landed on the Aether Flues and pretty much stayed there. I was quite happy to be able to sacrifice creatures into my graveyard.

I started with 3 lands and I entombed for Death’s Shadow right off the bat, and rolled Chaos to play a Krosan Tusker. Rhys played a taunting elf and Pianna, Nomad Captain. I play a Fierce Empath, get an Aetherling and sac it to AetherFlues for an Eternal Witness which gets back Entomb (cast for Doomgape). E.Witness flues into an Acidic Slime.

Meanwhile, Rhys has sacced Valor, and has an Elvish Archdruid, lots of Elves and Ezuri basically waiting to crush me, but I’m able to get Mimeoplasm onto the battlefield as an Aetherling with 13 extra counters. I swing, unblockable and pump up to 23 for a one shot General Damage kill.

About the Deck ( old version, pre Innistrad/RTR updates

This is a mimeoplasm deck. It puts good or large things in the graveyard for Mimeoplasm to eat and become. I don’t know that mine has anything particularly special about it.  When Lions Eye Diamond got unbanned, I slammed that one right in there. Second turn Mimeoplasm is fun times (I’ve only done it once, swung for 16 and then lost him to targeted removal).

Game #46 : Borborygmous (GRUUL GUILD)

Game #46 : Borborygmous (GRUUL GUILD)
Date: 2013-08-05
Location: Lake Vermilion, near Tower,MN
vs: Trostani (Guild); Obzedat (Guild)


Obzedat, Ghost CouncilTrostani, Selesnya's Voice

On a short family getaway to Lake Vermilion in Northern MInnesota, my Brother, Fiance and I decided to thow down some Guild Decks.  I started with 2 Lands, played a wimpy Goblin and stalled out for a very long time at 4 lands.   Obzedat played a Guild Mage, a High Priest of Pennance and Sin Collector-ed me.

Obzedat kept coming for me the entire game, while I languished without fatties, or mana (I was hovering at 6).  Obzedat made it even eaiser by playing a Rogues Passage (my Fiance’s least favorite guild-deck card), so I couldn’t even keep chump blocking with little Gruul-lings (I even had to Recollect a 1 mana creature just to have a blocker and survive).  Finally I succumb to Ghost Council pounding.  My Next Draw was Frenzied Tilling… 😦

Meanwhile, Trostani built up a sizeable army, life-total and set of enchantments (Doubling Season, Collective +3/+3, Unflinching Courage, etc and was swinging at Obzedat.  T was joined by a Giant Adephage and a Phytohydra. Trostani swung for exact damage, but also added in another buff on the general to double kill Obzedat.  Trostani maxed out at 90 life.

General Damage in the Game:

Borborygmous =  Nil. Obzedat on me: 21, Obzedat on Trostani: 20. Trostani on Obzedat:19 (plus a buff at the end where regular damage also killed)

About the Deck

Another guild deck.  I chose regular Borborygmous because I like attacking with creatures more than discarding lands.  The deck has more of a Blood Rush component than anything else. I enjoy playing it and just attacking as much as I can until I die.

The best play it ever had was in a 5 player game when I was hemming and hawing about who to attack, and whether to be political or mean.  Another player (playing his own Simic/Zeganna deck, though we were not all playing Guild Decks) suggested I ask “What Would Borborygmous Do?”   So I attacked him with Borborygmous, Bloodrushed to give him a huge bonus, and then gave him double strike to Kill the Simic Guild in one swoop with General Damage.  (Then I eventually lost to a very non-guild Niv-Mizzet deck).