Game #50.1, #50.2: Animar, Soul of Elements #1

Game #50.1: Animar, Soul of Elements #1
Date: 2013-08-21
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs.: Merieke ri Berit; Balthor
result: accidental combo loss

Animar Soul of ElementsVS Balthor the DefiledMerieke Ri Berit

It was my first game back after summer break, and I had recently de-sliver-ized my Animar deck (as previously played by my brother in this match) and since it was Game #50, I decided it was time to play this deck.

I started with a Glitterfang, and was able to play Animar and a Phyrexian Walker on turn 3. Balthor played, Urborg, Bazaar of Baghdad, Cavern of souls and Coffers. I had great cards in hand and was poised to do awesome stuff, but Balthor accidentally got some manner of Infinite combo to happen really early. He said “oops, redo”.

Game #50.2
second verse, same as the first
result: mostly fun loss

I started with Llanowar Reborn and good mana, an early Oracle of Mul Daya. My Azusa is countered. My Momir vig gets an Etherium Minotaur guy, but they all go away to Living Death. Balthor is Mana Drained by Merieke. Balthor is re-cast and Merieke decides to go test for Standard instead of finishing the game (conceding because other people showed up, not because of game-state).

Balthor is eating my graveyard with a Withered Wretch, but I have my land-dudes back until Azusa is Skinrender-ed. I get a Magus of the Future and a Void-mage Husher. Balthor Beseeches the Queen for a Coffers and knocks me down to 13 with an attack, and then Damnations.

I play a Spearbreaker Behemoth, but it gets sacced to a Liliana. I transmute for Ruric Thar, but Animar is also somehow shuffled into my deck. Pontiff of Blight extorts me to 6, then 2 and I die to a swing.

About the Deck ( )

This one is definitely one of my 3 favorite decks. It’s one that I tinker with  the most, so the above list is probably off by 4-6 cards.  The deck is all creatures and lands and it is a lot of fun to play. It can have ridiculously explosive turns, but also long ones, so I don’t often play it more than once in a sitting. The Therosian Gods are all really good in the deck.  I have pictures taken and will probably do a full post just about the deck at some point.


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