Game #53: AtogAtog

Game #53: AtogAtog
Date: 2013-08-28
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs. Savra (GUILD)
result: fun loss

I kept a 2 land hand and drew into a third, playing the OG Atog on turn 2 and then just kept playing lands. Savra had lots of little things out, but also a Lotleth Troll that was big. Sisters of Stone Death come out and eats Atog, and my Mycosynth Lattice and Martyr’s Bond get Hull Breached. I Recoil the Troll and play a Legacy Weapon. Then Gaze of Granite wipes the baord. I recast AtogAtog witha Shield of the Oversoul, but Savra can keep making Bats with Skeletal Vampire and keep me having to sacrifice things. I also died to those bats.

At some point one of us could have won the game by sacrificing our entire board (as artifacts from the Lattice) to an AtogAtog. I don’t remember now which one of us it was, since we both had the Atog.

About the Deck ( )

AtogAtog and all of his edible Children, plus a few more useful creatures. Mikeaus serves up a second helping, Thopter Assembly makes tasty artifact tokens for original atog, and Mycosynth lattice makes stuff extra Atog-edible. Also Enchanted Evening and other things.  Beyond that it’s just AtogAtog Voltron, but I like it!

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