Game #48: Lazav (Dimir GUILD)

Game #48: Lazav (Dimir GUILD)
Date: 2013-08-08
Location: My Childhood home in Duluth
vs.: Aurelia (Guild); Trostani (Guild)


Lazav, Dimir Mastermindvs.Aurelia, the WarleaderTrostani, Selesnya's Voice

My brother and fiance were both down to play a guild deck game again, so we gathered ’round the dining room table. I had a 4 land hand, but very few swamps. I played Bloodletter’s Quill (which is  a silly card).  Lazav came out on turn 5.

the Boros guild (fiance) had a Viashino Firstblade, and brother Selesnya had a Phantom General.  An Armada Wurm ended up in the graveyard, so Lazav became it and so did a Dimir Doppleganger.

The Boros  swung at me with Tajic, Firemane Avenger and something else to hit for 12.  I Hex away most of the board and Lazav becomes a Phytohydra.

Aurelia swings at the Selesnya (who have a Trostani’s Summoner and some tokens), with Aurelia, Tajic, Agrus Kos and another dude, but Kos gets killed. Trostani is down to 10 and has 18 general damage.

Lazav and the Doppleganger are now both Giant Adephages. Trostani regains some life, and convoke Exiles the Doppleganger-adephage, and Razia joins Aurelia. Then they kill Trostani.

I Mind Grind for 7, but I  think it gets Frontline Medic-ed. So I kill the Medic and use Codex Shredder to get back Mind Grind, cast it for 8 and win via Mill.

About the Deck: This is a Guild deck. All the cards are from Ravnica sets, and are either Dimir Stamped or un-guilded.

Game #47: The Mimeoplasm

Game #47: The Mimeoplasm
Date: 2013-08-07
Location: The living room of my childhood home in Duluth,MN
Vs.: Rhys the Redeemed

The MimeoplasmvsRhys the Redeemed

Another battle through the plains vs my brother (whose middle name is Rhys).  This time we landed on the Aether Flues and pretty much stayed there. I was quite happy to be able to sacrifice creatures into my graveyard.

I started with 3 lands and I entombed for Death’s Shadow right off the bat, and rolled Chaos to play a Krosan Tusker. Rhys played a taunting elf and Pianna, Nomad Captain. I play a Fierce Empath, get an Aetherling and sac it to AetherFlues for an Eternal Witness which gets back Entomb (cast for Doomgape). E.Witness flues into an Acidic Slime.

Meanwhile, Rhys has sacced Valor, and has an Elvish Archdruid, lots of Elves and Ezuri basically waiting to crush me, but I’m able to get Mimeoplasm onto the battlefield as an Aetherling with 13 extra counters. I swing, unblockable and pump up to 23 for a one shot General Damage kill.

About the Deck ( old version, pre Innistrad/RTR updates

This is a mimeoplasm deck. It puts good or large things in the graveyard for Mimeoplasm to eat and become. I don’t know that mine has anything particularly special about it.  When Lions Eye Diamond got unbanned, I slammed that one right in there. Second turn Mimeoplasm is fun times (I’ve only done it once, swung for 16 and then lost him to targeted removal).

Game #46 : Borborygmous (GRUUL GUILD)

Game #46 : Borborygmous (GRUUL GUILD)
Date: 2013-08-05
Location: Lake Vermilion, near Tower,MN
vs: Trostani (Guild); Obzedat (Guild)


Obzedat, Ghost CouncilTrostani, Selesnya's Voice

On a short family getaway to Lake Vermilion in Northern MInnesota, my Brother, Fiance and I decided to thow down some Guild Decks.  I started with 2 Lands, played a wimpy Goblin and stalled out for a very long time at 4 lands.   Obzedat played a Guild Mage, a High Priest of Pennance and Sin Collector-ed me.

Obzedat kept coming for me the entire game, while I languished without fatties, or mana (I was hovering at 6).  Obzedat made it even eaiser by playing a Rogues Passage (my Fiance’s least favorite guild-deck card), so I couldn’t even keep chump blocking with little Gruul-lings (I even had to Recollect a 1 mana creature just to have a blocker and survive).  Finally I succumb to Ghost Council pounding.  My Next Draw was Frenzied Tilling… 😦

Meanwhile, Trostani built up a sizeable army, life-total and set of enchantments (Doubling Season, Collective +3/+3, Unflinching Courage, etc and was swinging at Obzedat.  T was joined by a Giant Adephage and a Phytohydra. Trostani swung for exact damage, but also added in another buff on the general to double kill Obzedat.  Trostani maxed out at 90 life.

General Damage in the Game:

Borborygmous =  Nil. Obzedat on me: 21, Obzedat on Trostani: 20. Trostani on Obzedat:19 (plus a buff at the end where regular damage also killed)

About the Deck

Another guild deck.  I chose regular Borborygmous because I like attacking with creatures more than discarding lands.  The deck has more of a Blood Rush component than anything else. I enjoy playing it and just attacking as much as I can until I die.

The best play it ever had was in a 5 player game when I was hemming and hawing about who to attack, and whether to be political or mean.  Another player (playing his own Simic/Zeganna deck, though we were not all playing Guild Decks) suggested I ask “What Would Borborygmous Do?”   So I attacked him with Borborygmous, Bloodrushed to give him a huge bonus, and then gave him double strike to Kill the Simic Guild in one swoop with General Damage.  (Then I eventually lost to a very non-guild Niv-Mizzet deck).


Game #45 : Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis

Game #45 : Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis
Date: 2013-07-31
Location: Sir Benedicts by the Lake (pub), Duluth, MN
vs: Kumano, Master Yamabushi; Riku of Two Reflections

Nefarox, Overlord of GrixisVSDoran the Siege TowerRiku of Two Reflections

Game three at Sir Ben’s.  I had just finished this deck that morning, and was excited to play it.  I had to mulligan to start, and then had 2 Swamps and a Cabal Coffers. I play a Shadowborn Apostle to start the game, followed by a Dark Supplicant, and then another Apostle, and they all get sacrificed to summon Scion of Darkness.

The Scion runs over Doran to smack Garruk, the Relentless.

Riku uses a Fierce Empath to get a Roil Elemental, and then plays a Sunken Hope.  I still only have 4 land: two swamps, bojuka bog and Coffers, that only tap for 3 mana.

Garruk summons up a Grave Titan. I attack Riku with the Scion of Darkness and resurrect his Consecrated Sphinx (which ends up drawing me about 4 cards before it dies to a board wipe).

Lorax, the Siege Tower swings for lethal damage against Riku, but Riku is able to bolt an attacking creature to stay alive, and then drops an Avenger of Zendikar.  Lorax plays a doubling season and then fetches out his own Avenger of Zendikar and makes lots of huge tokens with Oran-Rief.

By this point I have a Door of Destinies, set to “cleric” out, and the Sunken Hope is letting me re-cast a Shadowborn Apostle every turn, so my guys are getting pretty big.   Riku casts Disaster Radius for 9, which kills much of the board that is not mine, but Lorax has an Unburial Rites to bring back his Avenger (for lots of tokens again). Riku Genesis Waves into mostly lands and then Lorax casts All Suns Dawn.

Riku fainally dies, and I die soon after to a giant swarm of plant tokens, even though I’m able to declare blockers AND sacrifice enough of my guys to Disciple of Griselbrand to gain 103 life.

It was a good game because lots of big stuff happened. I would have liked some more land to start, but turn 3 Scion of Darkness isn’t bad.  I maxed out at having 5 Apostles on the table at any given time, though I played 7 of them. Door of Destinies had 12 counters on it.

About the Deck( partial list at Tapped Out:

This is the obligatory Shadowborn Apostle deck.  It is a mix of Tribal Clerics and Demons.  There are 13 Demons in the deck for thematic purposes (not including It That Betrays, Scion of Darkness and Elbrus, the Binding Blade, which are not actually demons, but are big evil monsters).  There are 18-20 Apostles in the deck, depending on my mood, and I also really like Vile Deacon.  Evil clerics aren’t judgmental, so there may also be a few wizards in the deck. I don’t remember if I let Rotlung Reanimator in the deck or not;  I’m not sure if they allow independent zombies in this evil church

Game #44 : Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius

Game #44 : Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius
Date: 2013-07-31
Location: Sir Benedicts by the Lake (pub), Duluth, MN
vs: Kumano, Master Yamabushi; Riku of Two Reflections

Niv-Mizzet, DracogeniusVSKumano, Master YamabushiRiku of Two Reflections

Game two at Sir Ben’s.  I had a decent opening hand, and I played a Prodigal Sorcerer with a Curiosity early on (but it was killed by Chandra). I followed it up with a Mawcor, which died to a Crater Hellion

Riku used Fierce Empath to grab an Inferno Titan, and Kumano, again, built up a huge artifact mana base.  I had a Frostwielder with a Crab Umbra and a Sigil of Sleep, which I used to return an attacking Inferno Titan.  Riku cast a Magmatic force, which ends up being bounced before it can hit me.

Kumano drops a Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, which, had Riku played smarter, we could have killed and then exiled (via Frostweilder) with his Savage Twister. Instead almost all the creatures, except Kozilek, die.

I play Meishin, The Mind cage, which is not a great play, since it doesn’t stop Annihilator, but it does reduce a lot of damage (And I keep my hand full).  Then Kumano plays Ulamog, The Infinite Gyre. I continue to just hold cards as the Eldrazi twins eat all of Riku’s land.

I start to drop permanents to be sacrificed, but by the time I’m dead I have only 3 lands left on the table.

About the Deck (tappedout coming soon)

This is pretty much the Tims deck.  Lots of pingers, untap effects and things that trigger off of non-combat damage.  In an Ideal world, I’d never ever attack.

Game #43 : Seton, Krosan Protector

Game #43 : Seton, Krosan Protector
Date: 2013-07-31
Location: Sir Benedicts by the Lake (pub), Duluth, MN
vs: Kumano, Master Yamabushi; Riku of Two Reflections

Seton, Krosan ProtectorVSKumano, Master YamabushiRiku of Two Reflections

I met up with two friends at the place where I started playing Magic again for the second time (back around Invasion Block). Good, but over-priced, sandwiches and good beer selection.

I had a 2 forest hand, with plenty of three drops.  This deck only needs 3 lands to work, so I figured it was a decent hand.  It was turn 7 before I played my 3rd land.

In that time Kumano had 2/3 of the Urzatron, Thran Dynamo, Gauntlet of Power and Riku had ramped massively and had a big Gyre Sage.  Once I hit 3 mana I Deconstructed the gauntlets and played my General.  Riku played Parallel Lives, I played Yavimaya Elder. Riku playeed Artisan of Kozilek and Hullbreached  Kumano’s Batterskull and Braid of Fire (or some other good enchantment).  Riku then Genesis Waved for 6.

Kumano Dragonstormed for a Hellkite Tyrant, and I had an Omnath (as well as some random druid dorks) with 6 mana in my pool.  Kumano stole a Wurmcoil Engine from Riku and used it as Annihilator sacrifice fodder and then a deathtouch blocker, and stayed alive at 5 life.  Kumano also played a moonveil dragon, and I played a Worldspine Wurm

Riku responded by doing 17 damage to all creatuers (Savage Twister?), but I kept Omnath alive and was able to re-cast Seton, as well has sitting with 3 5/5 wurm tokens.

Riku played a Palinchron, but didn’t have the ability to go infinite this turn. This forced Kumano to swing with both dragons and force the Palinchron to block for a tapped-out Riku to stay in the game. This left room for me to swing with a huge Omnath and a Hydra Omnivore to seal the victory.

(I did, however, drop half of my Reuben sandwich on the floor from the plate on my lap. The seating configuration left me kitty-corner from my tray of food/beer)

This was a win I didn’t quite deserve, but was a fun game to struggle back on. Kumano did a bit of Kingmaking, but he always tries to take out this Riku deck first. It’s the player’s only deck, but if you let it sit, it will eventually infinite combo.

About the Deck: (  )

This is my Ultra-mono Green deck. No cards in it are of non-green Color Identity.  It’s basically Druid Tribal, but it also plays some big green beaters (And Chroma cards) for fun.  Omnath could also be the general, but it’s more fun to have to draw into him, and Seton makes the whole team more valuable.

Helix Pinnacle is the goal, but it can also have Hydra beatdown as an option.

Game #42.1, 42.2 : Melek, Izzet Paragon

Game #42.1, 42.2 : Melek, Izzet Paragon
Date: 2013-07-16
Location: Friend’s house in Duluth
vs: Lorax, the Siege Tower

Melek, Izzet ParagonVSDoran the Siege Tower

Doran hit the table early, but was Rapidly Hybridized. Despite a 3 land opening hand, I stalled at 4 lands and was quickly overwhelmed by Garruk, Avenger of Zendikar and a bunch of other things. This was the first try on a new deck, so we decided to play a second game.


Doran hits on turn 3 again, and there’s a Deadbridge Chant, Oracle of Mul-Daya and a Treasury Thrull in the  mix as well.  I was able to play Melek though, as well as a Reliquary tower and a Hypersonic Dragon.  I was able to play a doubled Act of Treason, but drew a Bribery, missing out on double casting it, however I did Bribery for an Avenger of Zendikar and an overloaded Dragonshift let my plant tokens become Dragons long enough to fly in for the kill.

About the Deck: (Tapped out coming soon)

A Blue-Red  Instants and Sorceries Matter deck with two rules:

  1. No Counterspells
  2. No Burn

There’s a good mix of theft, token generation, and combat buffs to make winning via beatdown a possibility.  It has some library manipulation (scroll rack) to try to maximize Melek’s abilities.  I enjoy trying to cast Haze of Rage as many times as possible in a turn.