Game #58: Marton Stromgald

Game #58: Marton Stromgald
Date: 2013-09-04
Location: Family Game Store
vs.: Lazav, Dimir Mastermind; Maelstrom Wanderer; Selenia, Dark Angel
Result: Neutral-to-Fun Win (the crazy endgame was the fun part for me)

Márton StromgaldvsLazav, Dimir MastermindMaelstrom WandererSelenia, Dark Angel

The little guy vs craziness in round 3 of the “Night of Insurrection and Obliteration”…

I start with a Hasty goblin (courtesy of Chancellor of the Forge) and a Single land, and I don’t do a whole lot in the early game.

Maelstrom Wanderer comes out extra fast and brings a Howling Mine and a Mana Doubler with it. Selenia has a Bloodchief Ascension and Sorin of Innistrad as well as a Tainted Sigil. Some how Maelstrom Wanderer is cast again into Akroma’s Memorial and Viscious Shadows.

Someone blows a Memory Jar, and for once, I don’t lose all that much to it.

Lazav, by this point has been a Bloodgift Demon, Platinum Empyrion and becomes a Sylvan Primordial.  Maelstrom plays Show and Tell (Myr Battle Sphere, Oricish Oriflamme for me, Lightning Greaves and Eternety Vessel).

I get out a Blood Moon (which later dies to a reanimated Sylvan Primordial), Ensnaring Bridge, Meekstone and Goblin Bombardment (which gets taken by the Wanderer so it can be sacced to be re-cast). MW is recast bringing Eternal Witness and a Brutalizer Exarch (which hides Sorin).

I dump stuff out of my hand, use tricks to give trample and haste to things and then cast Insurrection, but Marton and Signal Pest get killed, so I only end up doing 14 damage.

Maelstrom Wander casts an Insurrection too, Kills Selenia and sacs all of the things to the Bombardment.  Wanderer gets cast again for something that doesn’t get played and a Font of Mythos.  I draw into Firecat Blitz and realize that I have just enough Mountains in play to cast it and go pretty much All-In to  Flash it Back  for a total of 16 Hasty Fire Kitties. I  swing for 32 (Oriflamme) to Kill Maelstrom Wanderer. Since Lazav died somewhere in there, too, I win!

About the Deck (Tapped out Someday)

Marton Stromgald was the first Legendary Creature I ever cracked in a pack (well, an Ice Age Starter Deck in the Food Court at Miller Hill Mall in Duluth. I was so psyched because it was my #1 want from the set).

The plan for this deck is to play many creatures (preferably ones that are 2 power or less) quickly and then get things like Meekstone and Ensnaring Bridge (which is rad with Grafted Skull Cap and 2-power creatures) as well as stuff that only pumps Attacking Creatures (Hooray for Battle Cry). Then I turn Marton and everyone Sideways as much as possible without fear of retribution. There’s some Token Generation going on as well.  I may throw in a Purphoros some day as an extra bonus, but I kind of like just attacking a lot. Moonveil Dragon is a Boss in this deck, even though she doesn’t really get to attack if things are going correctly.

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