Game #59: Sygg, River Guide

Game #59: Sygg, River Guide
Date: 2013-09-04
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Sek’Kuar the Deathkeeper; Ezuri; Selenia;
Result: Moderately fun Loss

Sygg, River GuidevsSek'Kuar, DeathkeeperEzuri, Renegade LeaderSelenia, Dark Angel

Happy Tappy Fish vs Elves and Monsters in Round 4 of the “Night of Insurrection and Obliteration”…

I start with good lands and a Sol Ring. Ezuri starts with Ridiculous, and Selenia is also doing Dumb things. I play some fish and Counter a Hermit Druid.  Ezuri Genesis Waves for 6 but doesn’t get anything too great. Selenia’s Thrashing Wumpus cleanses the board of Elves and also a Merfolk Sovereign and Lullmage Mentor.

Selenia has a Vizkopa Guildmage (which can win games), Sek’Kuar has a Lord of Extinction and casts Insurrection which gives him enough guys to kill the other two players and then kill my creatures (though I live).  I keep myself afloat for quite awhile by casting Summon the School a lot of times. (I think I also had Sek’Kuar in death by general damage range too, but I couldn’t get Sygg to stay out). Sek  uses survival of the fittest to get Mikaeus and then casts Obliterate. I am able to survive for 4 more turns off of little dudes, but not enough to not eventually lose.

About the Deck ( is close)

This deck is about tapping things and also untapping them for fun and profit. It’s also tribal Merfolk token-swarm, which is really fun. Sygg plus white mana is good times, and Basalt Monolith with Wake Thrasher and a Surestrike Trident (quite fish appropriate) is a good way to just kill someone.  Opposition is in there for Fish Prison fun, and Reconnaissance does work like a boss. This one only plays 35 lands, but I always seem to have enough mana (it’s the opposite of Rakdos)

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