Game #61: Ruhan of the Fomori

Game #61: Ruhan of the Fomori
Date: 2013-09-11
Location: Family Game Store
Vs.: Balthor
Result: Fun Loss

Ruhan of the FomorivsBalthor the Defiled

I start with a 2 land hand and a Krark’s Thumb and an early Goblin Festival. I play Ruhan on turn 5. Balthor has Entombed a Graveborn Muse. I get in 7 general damage, plus 3 from Lightning Angel. Balthor Black Sun’s Zeniths for 3, nerfing my angel and weaking my crazy general, (who still swings in for 4 General Damage twice more). I use Umbilicus to get back a healthy Lightning Angel, but Balthor does tricks with other zombies to knock everyone down -5/-5, then, also, everything gets sacrificed.

I use a Flame Tongue Kavu on Liliana’s Reaver, but by this point Balthor has a loaded yard (10+ guys) Crypt of Agadeem + Deserted Temple and vomits a whole bunch of Zombie on the table with their favorite tombstone — Akroma’s Memorial — to crush my face for 44. The end.

Total Coins Flipped =1 + 1 from the Thumb.

About the Deck (

This is my coin-flip deck. I love flipping coins in Magic (and rolling dice, too. This one might get an Un-version). It’s not a Chaos deck though (because those aren’t fun… okay, Tide of War is in).  It can win by Ruhan smashings, and there are plenty of things to Voltron him up, as well as Tap him for value, or Deadeye Navigate, him if I don’t like where he thinks he’s going.  The real goal, however, is to win by Chance Encounter, so there are some enchantment fetchers. It packs a bit of defensive magic to protect the homefront when Ruhan decides to invade, and it also plays Delaying Shield + Umblicus/Blood Clock, which is my favorite way to protect myself.  I’ve not yet won by coinflip, but I’m going to keep trying!

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