Game #69: Lorthos, the Tidemaker

Game #69: Lorthos, the Tidemaker
Date: 2013-10-02
Location: Family Game Store
Vs: Balthor; Karador; Mimeoplasm

Lorthos, the Tidemakervs.Karador, Ghost ChieftainThe MimeoplasmBalthor the Defiled

This was the debut for Lorthos (aka, The Freshmaker, aka Mr. Tentacles, aka Dr. Octopus) and his beasts of the deep blue sea. I had a lot of lands in my opening hand, which was great. Among them were Coral Atoll and Sveylunite Temple. Also in there was Quest for Ula’s temple, which I charged up.

Karador played Braids, which ate my lands, which was sad. Balthor played a Coat of Arms. I played Tidal Influence. Balthor’s Oblivion Stone made life sad by taking my Quest (which did get me a Sealock Monster).

Mimeoplasm became a Hornet Queen.  Balthor got activated with a bunch of things in the graveyard and it caused me to sacrifice Lorthos before he could make with any tides.

Karador started with the discard tricks. Sacrificing Mindslicers to Vish-Kal and other shennanigans with Sadistic Hypnotist.  Mimeoplasm Increasing Ambitions for Praetor’s Grasp, which goes and gets an Urborg from someone. Balthor is having issues with Mana Crypt (which is always funny).

I hung on, but was never quite able to cast anything of value. The endgame got pretty silly, I don’t even remember who won the game (other than Not Me), but it was a lot of fun.

The Karador Deck is one that I’ve played against many times (though not as often as Balthor). It is an All-Creature deck and pretty cool. You can see it here.

About the Deck (

This is an ultra-mono sea creature theme deck.  The goal is to beatdown with sea creatures.  There are no Merfolk allowed because that would be too easy. Cephalids (since there aren’t enough Octopodes for Octopus Tribal) are cool, and my favorite little Crustaceans, the Hominids, also are invited.  Homarid Spawning Bed was actually the inspiration for the deck (as one of my favorite cards from Fallen Empires), and it’s a good way to get rid of things like Leviathan, Polar Kraken, etc when the upkeeps become too messy.  The Serpents aren’t really natural creatures, but they can be played for free with Ula’s Temple.

I’m trying to decide if Nykthos counts in an Ultra-Mono deck.

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