Game #72: Oros, the Avenger

Game #72: Oros the Avenger
Date: 2013-10-30
Location: Family Game Store
Vs: Balthor; Emmara Tandris; The Mimeoplasm

Oros, the AvengerVSBalthor the DefiledThe Mimeoplasm

It took me a long time to draw a hand that had more than one land in it.  I started with a Withered Wretch (who only ate a fetch land, before it was Skinrender-ed) and a White Knight.  The Mimeoplasm did a lot of Transmuting to load up the Graveyard and Emmara played Collective Blessing and Knight Captain of Eos (who always makes me think of Captain E.O.) and later a Nomad Assembly (or whatever the Kor Soldier Token Rebound Spell is.

I played Everlasting Torment (to give Oros Wither-breath), and a Lethal Vapors (to try to deal with the massive token producing horde and give us an extra turn against Emmara). But Balthor just did his thing and generated ridiculous amounts of Mana (Candelabra, multple Cabal Coffers, probably Nykthos) and made lots of zombie triggers (or maybe some Extort) and that was the end of us.

About the Deck (

This deck was designed back when I was really frustrated by Balthor (and Glissa) and all of their repeated recursion shenanigans (eventually I will do an “On Balthor” post). So I decided to make a deck that only cared about the graveyard in that it didn’t want anyone to have one ever. It has tons of graveyard hate, some Exile spells, and I don’t think it has any recursion.  It also plays a number of other grief-style cards (prevention of life gain, destruction of creatures, damage on spells). I try to win by either General Damage, or by doing silly things with Indestructible or Infect-y Thrashing Wumpus-es  or by wiping the board.

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