Game #73: Talrand the Sky Summoner

Game #73: Talrand the Sky Summoner
Date: 2013-10-10
Location: Family Game Store
Vs: Balthor; Emmara Tandris; The Mimeoplasm

Talrand, Sky SummonerVSBalthor the DefiledEmmara TandrisThe Mimeoplasm

I decided to go for a Token Based strategy as well in the second game of the night. I started with a Sol Ring, which was cool, and a Rune Chanter’s Pike.  I started building up a squadron of drakes via Opt, Brainstorm, Gitaxian Probe and Oona’s Grace, but they fell to Balthor’s Oblivion Stone.  The Mimeoplasm was loading up the graveyard to a massive extent and Emmara called upon Trostani and Garruk to start building a giant army and life total.   Balthor summond Geth who stole a lot of things including an It That Betrays (which I polymorphed into something or other).  I am able to kill Balthor before we all die to bazillions of giant tokens.

About the Deck (

This deck is about playing Talrand, and then as many cantrips or other cheap spells as possible. There are a few other Instants and Sorceries Matter creatures in the deck. Oona’s Grace is a favorite, as is Whim of Volrath.  I took out Omniscience and replaced it with the new Sphinx that draws cards on flyers doing things.

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