Long Hiatus! Sorry


I’ve almost removed my last suspend counter…

For anyone who was actually reading this blog, I apologize for the severe lack of updates. A cross-country trip, coaching, and moving have all cut into my playing and re-capping time (more-so the latter).

So, while the blog is only caught up to game #46,  I have actually played up to game #76.  I hope to get caught up with the re-caps soon, though I may do some “digest” format posts and cover a few games at once in shorter form (with the misguided intention to go back and do full posts) so I can write longer ones about the more recent games.

A few highlights to look forward to.

So, I hope to be writing more. If you’re reading this (and you’re happy) please let me know. It’s easier to write when I know people are reading.

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