Game #77 : Sol’Kanar the Swamp King

Game #77 : Sol’Kanar the Swamp King
Date: 2013-11-06
Location: Family Game Store
vs: Oloro, Ageless Ascetic (Stock); Marath, Will of the Wild (modified); Krenko, Mob Boss; Prime Speaker Zeganna

Sol'kanar the Swamp KingVSOloro, Ageless AsceticMarath, Will of the WildKrenko, Mob BossPrime Speaker Zegana

This game saw Marath get cast 6 times and be huge (thanks to a Doubling Season, Mirari’s Wake, Mana Echoes, Gaea’s Cradle etc.).   Krenko had a threatening position for awhile with 18 goblins that were hasty and 2/2, and that was able to basically destroy Zeganna.  My Sol’Kanar never really got rolling.  I plinked away with a Shadowmage Infiltrator, tried to get going with Dominus of Fealty (Which was killed by Marath, who had untapped lands hidden behind a  tall drink, and was able to ping it after it blocked).  The only trick I really got to do was a Spinal Embrace, and reanimation of a Wurmcoil Engine.  Marath ended up killing everyone else with an Elspeth Sun’s Champion Emblem.

About the Deck( List coming soon)

This is mostly a UBR “fun”-stuff deck that splintered off from leftovers from building Ashling the Extinguisher, nu-Rakdos and Gwendlyn di Corci.  I wanted an excuse to play Prince of Thralls and a few other multi-colored cards like Elder Mastery and such.  It’s fun to play, but it’s not really a go-to deck.  It’s just as happy to beat down with the general as it is to try to steal things from other people.  Sol’Kanar is a fan of Urborg.

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