Game #80: Damia, Sage of Stone

Game #80: Damia, Sage of Stone
Date: 2013-11-13
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Balthor the Defiled; Mangara of Corondor; Balthor; The Mimeoplasm

Damia, Sage of StoneVSBalthor the DefiledMangara of CorondorThe MimeoplasmRuric Thar, the Unbowed

This game took a long time and a lot of little things happened, but not a lot of major stuff. The Mimeoplasm came in to play 4+ times (as Eternal Witness + 2, Liliana’s Reaver +3, a big Dragon + 9, Garruk’s Horde +4, and probably more). Mangara built up a pillow fort and did some exiling in  a variety of ways.  Ruric sent in smashings, but drew hate. Balthor only got cast once, and never sacrificed (and got Strength of Tajuru’ed so he could get his very first, but tainted, General Damage Kills ever).  I just kind of bided my time, played some Faeries (it was Faerie night, I guess) and stole Balthor’s Geth for a turn.  Eventually  my deck did what it was supposed to and drew into the good ol’ ProsBloom engine and I Exsanguinated for 64 to take out Balthor and Mangara (Mimeo and Ruric having been Balthor-ed out).   It was a long game, and I’m glad I eventually got to do the combo in real life (as it’s my third favorite combo deck), but it wasn’t a great game… it ended 30 minutes before store closing. Not enough time for another game.

About the Deck (

This is a Faerie Tribal deck, with some Gorgons as well (because Damia loves Absinthe, and because there are Green Faeries, she is the general). It can swarm with faeries, but really they are a distraction while I try to set up a ProsBloom kill by either Milling or Exsanguinating.  It can’t combo off early, and it doesn’t go “infinite,” so I don’t mind playing it as a combo deck.

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