Game #83: Marath, Will of the Wild

Game #83: Marath, Will of the Wild
Date: 2013-12-04
Location: Family Game Store
Vs.: Tolsimir Wolfblood; Oloro, Ageless Ascetic (modified)
Result: Neutral loss

Marath, Will of the WildvsOloro, Ageless AsceticTolsimir Wolfblood

Oloro’s player was from out of town and found our venue online. We were the only three players this evening. Oloro introduced himself by saying “This is a competitive deck,” but upon inquisition we determined that it was neither a turn-3 infinite combo deck, or a long boring drawn out multiple-extra turn monstrosity, just Esper Goodstuff (he admitted that his commander is just there to give life from the C-zone).  I am trying out a new deck (my first build around one of the new commanders).Tolsimir is on that player’s reunion tour. 

I start with 4 lands and an Aura Shards (a card I HATE). I play Garruk Wildspeaker into Marath.  Oloro has played Erebos, and Tolsimir plays a lot of curved-out accelerator guys.  Then Oloro wipes the board.  I cast Marath again and get a bit of value out of him (with a Gaea’s Cradle).    I try to cast Marath for 7 but it gets hindered. This is followed up by Myojin of Night’s reach. I draw lands for the next three turns and have nothing else on the board (maybe a 1/1 elemental token).  Oloro keeps gaining life, and Tolsimir keeps swinging at him.

Oloro plays a Rune-Scarred Demon and a Sphinx’s Revelation, which gets a Demonic Tutor. I play an Aether charge and eventually cast my VERY FIRST EVER kicked Tooth and Nail, which gets me Marath back (and does for with Aether Charge before ceasing to exist) and a Vigor (which gets Ashen Ridered).   Oloro’s Diluvian Primordial casts my Tooth and Nail and gets Elesh Norn and some other non-sense. I cast a Gruul X spell to do 8 to Elesh, 8 to Primordial, and 8 to Oloro’s player. Later I  Beast Within Elesh Norn (who has returned), and re-cast Marath for 9. Tolsimir gets Desertioned, some other stuff happens, but ultimately I cast Marath for 11, Memnarch appears and steals it and I get attacked for all of my life.  Tolsimir dies soon after.

About the Deck ( is a pretty darn close list)

Marath looked fun, and I’d had a bunch of GW Beast tribal stuff sitting around because it didn’t make the cut as a Sub-Theme in one of my Trostani decks. I decided that this deck would be mostly a Beast deck.  It plays 42 lands (a record for any of my decks) because I also decided it would be an Artifact free deck (meaning no mana-rocks).   Cathar’s Crusade is pretty decent with Marath (I didn’t feel like making a Doubling Season proxy, or buying another Doubling Season).   I really wish that Marath made Beast tokens, because that would be super dumb with Aether Charge.  I also play 4 Planeswalkers (3 Garruks and Xenagos) which is a record number.  This is one I’m really looking forward to getting to play  again.

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