Game #84: Vish-Kal, Blood Arbiter

Game #84: Vish-Kal, Blood Arbiter
Date: 2013-12-04
Location: Family Game Store
Vs.: Wort, the Raidmother; Oloro, Ageless Ascetic (modified)
Result: Neutral to Slightly Unsatisfying loss

Vish Kal Blood ArbitervsOloro, Ageless AsceticWort, the Raidmother

Next game! I start the game with 2 lands.  I stay at 2 lands for the first 7 or 8 turns, only casting a short-lived Ajani’s Pridemate.  Of the cards I had in hand or drew in that span, all but three cost 3 mana (Mimc vat, Praetor’s Grasp, Mortify, Tainted Sigil, the Level-up guy that becomes 9/9, other cool stuff).  I was not pleased.

While I was waiting for my ‘turn 3’ Oloro had a Luminarch Ascension several times, despite Wort’s best efforts, thanks to Sun Titan and also an Avacyn.  I finally get to 3 lands, and play a Mimic Vat (no 2nd swampt to Praetor’s Grasp and hope for a Swords to Plowshares from Oloro).  Then Wort plays a spell that gets rid of Avacyin, but also costs me a Land (back down to 2 lands).  Eventually I get to 4(!) lands and play a Praetor’s Grasp (only getting Oblation), but by this time Avacyn is hiding under the Angel that gets a bunch of things back from the Graveyard.  I manage to get an active Blood Chief Ascension, but it gets Ashen-Ridered (I’m beginning to hate that card).

I cast Crypt Ghast. Wort turns all of her lands into 3/3 creatures and swings at Oloro, putting him at 6. Wort is at 1 life and I am at 12 due to Oloro deciding to split his attacks between the two of us the previous turn.

As I’m about to take my turn, Oloro uses a sac effect on his Ashen Rider (grrr) to exile my Crypt Ghast, so I scoop.

(Had I kept the crypt ghast, and thus had access to more than 4 mana, my next draw would have been a Sol Ring. Casting that with Extort would have killed Wort and dropped Oloro to 5. I could have then cast Unspeakable Symbol and extorted, putting Oloro to 4 and then paid 6 life to put 2 +1/+1s on Crypt Ghast and swung for the win, since Oloro was utterly tapped-out)

About the Deck (  this is not the most current list  )

This deck is mostly about gaining absurd amounts of life and then using that life to pay for awesome things. It has a tiny reanimation theme to make use with Vish-Kal’s abilities. It does play Mikaeus now, too.  I haven’t added in some of the new cards from Return to Ravnica, but I probably should. It probably also really wants stupid Gray Merchant, but I haven’t slotted him in yet either. it also needs more lands.  I like this deck, but it can be slow and doesn’t shuffle well for me.

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