Game #90: Jasmine Boreal

Game #90: Jasmine Boreal
Date: 2013-12-23
Location: Mom’s Kitchen Table, Duluth, MN
vs. Vorosh, the Hunter
Result: Neutral Win

Jasmine Boreal, Magic, TimeshiftedvsVorosh, the Hunter, Magic, Planar Chaos

My brother introduced his deck as “It does whaaaaaat? and then +1/+1 counters. It has a lot of synergizing that I don’t understand” It also, apparently was either gold or artifacts. I kept a 1 land hand with two Swords of Things and Stuff, Elixir of Immortality and an Expedition Map. Finaly on Turn 4 I get a second plains to cast Leonin Skyhunter.

My brother gets an Early Kathari Remnant and Species Gorger for Cascading-Every-Turn. While he is doing that (for Cosi’s Trickster, Rite of Passage, Shardless Agent (Grinding station), Semblence Anvil (creatures), Blasting Station and Bred for the Hunt) I am playing more lands and equipping a Sword of Blue and Green and Sword of White and Black to the Skyhunter.

He plays a Fathom Mage and Momir Vig and a Hydra and a Darksteel Juggernaut. I play Kinsbaile Border Guard and just keep smashing unblockable damage, making Wolves and milling him. I cast Jasmine, hoping to equip her, but she’s only Human so she didn’t get the Double Strike coolness. So she just looked very very pretty while one of her Knights did the work. My brother had fun because his deck did a lot of things, I had neutral fun because I really only needed one 2 drop creature to win (because Swords are Just Dumb).

About the Deck (Tapped Out sometime)

This is Knight’s Tribal. The General is their Fair Maiden (and oh, so fair she is). Ideally she becomes Shiva (or Spiral) and caries 5-6 Swords around. Usually it’s just putting Swords on Knights though.  Elixir of Immortality is the Holy Grail.  Sir Shandalar of Eberyn is the more thematic general, what with being a knight, but Jasmine has been my favorite Legend since Legends, so she needed a deck for sure.

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