Game #94: Horde of Notions

Game #94: Horde of Notions
Date: 2013-12-26
Location: The woods north of Duluth, Brother’s Friend’s Cousin’s house
vs. Teneb, the Harvester; Chorus of the Conclave; Triad of Fates (Dude of Dates)
Result: Fun Win

Horde of Notions, Magic, LorwynvsTeneb, the Harvester, Magic, Planar ChaosChorus of the Conclave, Magic, RavnicaTriad of Fates, Magic, Theros

After the last game I took out one of my last few decks left with me in Minnesota. I considered Rhys the Redeemed (for my brother) but I didn’t want to mess around with a billion different token types, so I chose Horde of Notions. A fun and good, but not totally broken, deck.

I started with two different basics and an armillary sphere, and drew into a Lavaclaw Reaches, ensuring a turn 5 Horde of Notions, that I sent towards Teneb.  Teneb was grabbing lands with a Fertilid and Triad had a Soulbound Tormented Soul/Nearhearth Pilgrim.  Chorus had a Gladecover Scout and a Thraben Doomsayer.

I also had a Ring of Evos Isle (Water!) and a Soul of the Harvest.  Chorus sang a song of increasing Savagery, and Triad “Defanged” my Horde.  I played Spirit of Resistance for some defense, which was well needed since Chorus now had a Giant Adephage with Alpha Authority, as well as a Trostani’s Summoner.

I cast a Maelstrom Wanderer (apologizing, and promising I wouldn’t cast it a billion times this game… which was not totally false) getting a Shield of the Oversoul and a Spitebellows.  Teneb now had a Necropotence that was causing him troubles.  I evoked a Wispmare to re-Fang Horde and got an attack in against someone, but then Horde was Oblivion Ringed (to the Commnand Zone).

I cast Hanna Ships Navigator (my Blue Planeteer) and recast the Horde. Next turn  Hanna got the Shield back for the Horde. And later Horde recast a fallen Maelstrom Wanderer for a Supreme Exemplar that had been Flamekin Harbinger-ed to the top and a Yore-Tiller Nephilim . I championed the Harbinger and also got back a Wispmare with the Yore-Tiller and killed off Necropotence.

Chorus had a massive army of Adephages and Teneb cast a board wipe of some sort to deal with them and that left me with an indestrutible Horde and a Flamekin Harbinger.  Teneb had Whip of Erebos and had Buried Alive Braids and Ashen Rider (he tried to whip the rider in at instant speed, but the rules said ‘no’).   Someone destroyed the Shield of Oversoul, but I Retethered it.  By this time I also had a Mirari’s Wake and an Elemental Lord in play and a Scourge of the Nobilis on the Horde so I was swinging for 2 turn kills or better.

Triad had fate counters on a few of my things (most importantly Maelstrom Wanderer (who, at one point, was also Defanged and I had to bluff my brother into blocking to kill it).    I swung the Horde at Teneb for lethal damage, and was able to hang on to eliminate the other two players (I think I also had Spirit of Resistance back thanks to Miss Hanna).

I didn’t feel bad about winning this one, because with each opponent playing at least White, and two also Green or black, there should have been at least one or more disenchant/mortify/naturalize etc floating around to take out the Sphere of Resistance that was single-handedly keeping me alive, or the Mirari’s Wake that was letting me re-cast 2 elementals per turn.

About the Deck (

This is my Captain Planet and the Planeteers theme deck.  It has 5 legendary Planeteers:  Ashling the Extinguisher, Rakka Mar, Molimo Maro-Sorcerer, Saffi Eriksdottir (for White) and Hanna, Ship’s Navigator (for Blue)  as well as the 5 color-rings from M13.  It also has the Nephilim as Toxic Abominations.

Ideally the 5 planeteers would all be mono-colored legendary elementals, but there just weren’t good choices for White and Blue. They also don’t totally line-up with the Planeteer Characters or abilities.  Rakka is obviously Fire, but what is Ashling… Earth? Heart?  Hanna was mechanically useful for the deck because it also has most of the  Lorwyn hybrid auras in it to buff up the Horde, and there are a number of other enchantments that are worth getting back.

I think this is probably my favorite of all of my 5-color decks.Also, I get to play Conflux and Fustion Elemental and Genju of the Realm


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