Game #104: Stangg

Game #104: Stangg
Date: 2014-01-29
Location: Family Game Store
Vs: Balthor; Olivia Voldaren
Result: Fun Loss

Stangg, Magic, ChroniclesStangg TwinVSBalthor the DefiledOlivia Voldaren, Magic, Innistrad

This was a new deck, just completed this weekend. I had two lands and a Cluestone, so I kept it.  Balthor started with an Urborg, and then Liliana (who killed a vampire). Olivia had a Command Tower, Mirri and another Vampire.   I play a Huntmaster of the Fells and Sunastian Falconer, and then I let the Huntmaster flip to kill Mirri.  Olivia turns Huntmaser into a Vampire, I summon Stangg and his Sister and then Balthor casts Decree of Pain .

Board, wiped.

I play Garruk’s Packleader,  Balthor casts Geth and something else and then someone Patriarch’s Biddings and I get my board back. Yay! Then Olivia Damnations and casts Liliana Vess.

Board, wiped.

I cast a Krosan Drover and some other stuff, then Olivia Black Sun’s Zeniths and Balthor gets popped. Stuff happens and my board is mostly wiped.

Board, mostly wiped.

I cast my general again and Fossil Find back a Huntmaster of the Fells. Balthor Memory Jars and I lose a bunch of lands, plus Urabrask, who gets Geth-ed. Olivia has Exquisite Blood.  I swing with my Generals give them double strike with Cleaver Riot and Warrior’s Lesson to draw 4 cards.

Balthor gets popped which brings back my Gruul Ragebeast which makes for some crazy Fight triggers. I Fierce Empath for a Craterhoof Behemoth.

Gray Merchant has happened a few times in this game, but I play Craterhoof Behemoth and make a big swing that puts Balthor down to 3, but he re-pops Balthor on his turn, and rather than try to figure out all the Fight triggers, I happily scoop to Math so that we can play another game.

About the Deck (tappedout someday)

This is a loosely themed “Twin” deck. I decided that Stangg’s twin was a fraternal girl twin. Wild Pair is a key card in the deck, but the only way to tutor it up is Gamble. There are decent Wild Pair targets at most #s. It also has some of the new Theros instants that target two creatures, and things to get a second attack phase or get Double Strike. Huntmaster of the Fells is Double Faced and does 2 damage, gains 2 life and makes a 2/2 wolf.  I thought this deck would mostly be silly, but it was actually really fun to play.

Game #103: Pheldagriff

Game #103: Pheldagriff
Date: 2014-01-29
Location: Family Game Store
Vs: Balthor; Olivia Voldaren
Result: Fun Win

Phelddagrif, Magic, Alliancesvs.Balthor the DefiledOlivia Voldaren, Magic, Innistrad

After losing to a brutal voltron-ing, I decided I’d go for the same result. I had 4 land in my hand (including two revised duals, unsleeved) plus a Fireshrieker. Olivia come down early, and I wanted to be cautious with my Hippo, so I waited until I could put an Unquestioned Authority on him (Do not question the authority of the hippo). In the mean time I cast a Lightmine Field and a Pygmy Hippo.

Olivia got up to 8/8 and then Balthor O-stoned. Olivia Ghost-Quartered Balthor’s Cabal Coffers and started building up. I was able to play Pheldagriff with the enchantment and then swing for double strike damage against Olivia. Next turn I played Eldrazi Conscription and killed Olivia, and killed Balthor (who had an empty hand) the following turn.

This deck was built to be played without mercy, so even though this was a somewhat direct win, I still had fun doing what it was supposed to.

About the Deck ( )

This deck used to be Rafiq, but around the time I started building Zur Group Hug, I decided it needed to become Brutal Hippo. I changed about 25 cards from Rafiq (who joined the 99) and added in things like Elesh Norn (here, have a DOA Hippo). The tapped out list is close, though I made a few changes yesterday.  It is named, of course, after Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

Game #102: Prossh, Skyraider of Kher

Game #102: Prossh, Skyraider of Kher
Date: 2014-01-29
Location: Family Game Store
Vs: Balthor; Sigarda, Host of Herons

Prossh, Skyraider of Kher, Magic, Commander 2013vsBalthor the DefiledSigarda, Host of Herons, Magic, Avacyn Restored

I missed playing last week due to a bet regarding the weather. This week there ended up being only 3 of us, so we got quite a few games in. Also, Balthor’s player, who likes giving me things just-because decided he didn’t need his complete run of James Robinson’s “Starman” (my very favorite Superhero Comic of all time) and let me have them. Also, he announced that he had a Foil German Balthor in the mail, which was a bummer because I was trying to track one down for him as a surprise. On to the games…

I got pretty land-screwed to start out this game, though I did play a Crimson Kobolds turn 1. I had to discard twice while at 2 lands, because everything in my hand cost 3. I did manage to Rancor up my Kobold, but a damnation ended that fun. Balthor had a Lord of the Undead and an Undead Warchief at the time, and Sigarda had a StoneForge Mystic, Khemba and two Swords.

I finally got up to 4 lands and I had a Kodama’s Reach. I got Bubbling Cauldron and Bogbrew Witch online, but by this time Sigarda had protection from everything and had Infect, so Balthor died.

If I had any way to give Prossh Haste I could have won, but I didn’t so, instead I summoned a Festering Newt from my library and died.

About the deck (tapped out Someday)
Prossh was my favorite of the Pre-con generals, so I decided to build him his own deck. Of course it had to be Kobold Themed, and Rohgahh of Kher Keep had to be in the 99 (with a Time of Need to find him). Also, Dragon Appeasement is my favorite non-legend from Alara block, so this deck is also built around that card. Lots of sacrifice outlets.

Firefly Weatherlight: Another Theme Deck

I’ve had cards set aside to make a “Weatherlight Crew”  theme deck for quite awhile  (with Legacy Weapon as my 5-color “General,” breaking the rules of the format wide-open).

This morning it struck me that many parallels could be drawn between the Crew of the Weatherlight, another rag-tag band of Science-Fantasy misfits on a Flying Ship out to save the world from infectious science-zombies…

…thus we have: The Big Damn Heroes.
(I used the quite cool Quantom Mechanix Art Noveau portraits (please don’t sue me))

Malcom ‘Mal’ Reynolds

 Gerrard Capashen

Of course Mal is Gerrard. He’s the Boss (though Mal is way cooler than Gerrard)

Zoe Alleyne-Washburne:

Captain Sisay

And Sisay was the obvious choice for his second.

Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburne:

 Hoban Ships Navigator

I was torn over who would be the better Hanna. In the end the Navigator/Pilot theme won out.  I also imagine Artificers to be like Archaeologists… which are like paleontologists and…. Dinosaurs. Also, similar fates.

Kaylee Frye: 

Karn Silver Golem

Kaylee was the other option for Hanna, but in the end, she was the one keeping the ship in the air, and had a way with machines. Please excuse the off-color quotation choice.

Inara Serra:

Mirri Cat Warrior

Un?requited  or at least awkward love with the captain? Check!

Simon Tam:

 Orim Samite Healer


River Tam:      

Tahngarth Talruum Hero

Super Badass that can “fight” anything, and had some bad experiments happen.

Jayne Cobb:

Squee Goblin Nabob

Jayne was a tough one, he’s a bit better fighter than Squee, so he could have been Tahngarth. He’s got a bit of a bad side, so he could have been Crovax. Ultimately he was revered and worshiped unnceccessarily, so I kept him as squee.

Shepherd Derrial Book:

Ertai Wizard Adept

Book was another tough one. He’s not cocky like Ertai (though there’s that whole fate thing). He has a bit of a Dark Past, but I didn’t quite see him as Crovax .

Serenity, Firefly Class:

Legacy WeaponSkyship Weatherlight

This one was another no-brainer. I really like the picture for the Legacy Weapon.

Baddies (more coming soon) — Suggestions welcome!

Saffron/Yolanda/Bridget – YoSaffBridge

Starke of Rath

She really should be Takara, but Takara didn’t get her own card. Traitrous Red-head? Yes Please.

A Reaver Ship

Predator Flagship

The deck isn’t finished. I’m going to stick with Weatherlight Story Blocks cards, of course. I haven’t decided who all the other Legends will be, and I don’t know if I’m going to make proxies of every card, or just the Legends.

Game #101: Mistform Ultimus

Game #101: Mistform Ultimus
Date: 2014-01-15
Location: Family Game Store
Vs.: Jeleva; Baru, Fist of Krosa; Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius
result: scoop to mana screw and time

Mistform Ultimus, Magic, TimeshiftedvsJeleva, Nephalia's Scourge, Magic, Commander 2013Baru, Fist of Krosa, Magic, Future SightNiv-Mizzet, Dracogenius, Magic, Return to Ravnica

I started with a 2 land hand and played an Ameboid Changeling. I stalled at 3 land. Niv played a Lighthous Chronologist, Baru had a Sylvan Library and a Gaea’s Cradle, Jeleva ramped a ton and hardcast a Decree of Pain

Jeleva Beacon of Unrested something, Niv had a Wojek Embermage and Baru played Vorinclex, at which point I scooped since I only had 3 lands and there was only 5 minutes left before 9 P.M.

About the Deck (TappedOut someday)

This deck is Illusions tribal, with some creature-type matters stuff, and a good helping of the tribal equipment to auto-equip onto Misty.

Remaining Decks

These are the complete and playable decks I have remaining.

  1. Child of Alara (bringers/zubera)
  2. Blind Seer
  3. Patron of the Moon
  4. Prossh, Skyraider of Kher
  5. Sek’Kuar the Deathkeeper
  6. Rhys the Redeemed
  7. Pheldagriff
  8. Riku of Two Reflections
  9. Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer

Decks that may be completed before I finish playing these last 12

  • Slobad Goblin Tinkerer
  • Progenitus (Heroic)
  • Stangg
  • Sharuum (sphinx Tribal)

Also to be played at some point:   4-Color Tag-Teams

Fun Facts: The First 100 Decks

Fun Facts: The First 100 Decks

Decks Played: 100
Decks Wins: 24.5 of 100 (victory on replay worth .5)
Deck Win %: 24.5

Number of Games Played: 108 (8 decks’ first games bombed so badly as to rate an immediate replay)
Games Won: 26 of 108
Game Win %: 24.1%

Number of Different Generals Faced:  94

Most Commonly Faced Generals100 generals faced


Generals with Most Different Decks Faced

  1. Prime Speaker Zeganna — 6
  2. Olivia Voldaren — 4
  3. Mimeoplasm; Trostani; Oloro; Ghave; Rhys the Redeemed — 3
  4. 11 tied at 2