I’m ALL CAUGHT UP with my playthrough!!!

As of Game #117, I am officially all caught up with playing through every one of my current decks!  I started this project just under a year ago, when I had under 100 decks built, in that time the Deck Count has grown quite a bit.  As it stands I have 114 “completed” decks, as 3 decks were “retired and reborn” during this project (and more are coming!)

I am Compleat

This Blog is Compleated

For those people who have been reading the Blog, or following this project, Thanks! I know there were some people out there, because we passed 4000 page-views a few days ago.  Even though I mostly did it for my own fun and records, it’s nice to know that people out there were reading things.

So what does this mean for the project and this blog?

It means several things!

1: FEAR NOT! The blog is not ending – there will be more games.   I will keep updating the Master Deck List as I build new decks, and whenever a brand New Deck is played for the first time it will get added to the sequence. It is very likely that I will have 3 new decks* by the time I play again.  While I don’t have a ton of great insight, or grand writing skills, I will still post things on a semi-regular basis.

2: I’m allowed to play any of my decks now!  While doing this project has been a really fun exercise, there were some decks I was really psyched to play a year ago that ended up in just utterly crap games (I’m looking at you Karador, Ramses, Edric, Khemba and Karn) and now I can play them whenever I want to. I can also whip out Teysa or Animar and test out their new updates (New Elspeth, the Archetypes), or play decks that have had upgrades since their debut on the project.

3: I will have time to go back and update all of the Tapped Out decklists, and also do more deck breakdowns of decks that I think are worth breaking down

4. I can start some new sub-series like “Decks that Deserve a Second Chance,” or explore other optional formats like Tag-Team commander, or games against Hordes.  I’m really looking forward to updating my 4-Color Tag-Team decks, or having nights where I only play Ultra-Mono decks, or only bring All-creature or Creatureless decks.

5. I can make more Charts and Graphs and stuff.  I will do another retrospective post in a few days, and talk about Lessons Learned.

In Conclusion:

If you liked the EDH100 Project, leave a comment, and if you have any suggestions about what I should do with it next, let me know. If you want me to talk about this project on your show or blog or podcast, let me know. I’m not a famous voice in the EDH Community, but this project has certainly given me things to talk about. (and I have way more decks than Sheldon does (but his are probably better)).

Again, if you’re reading this post…. THANKS!  (and tell your friends)

If I got to play with you  in any, or many, games (and you didn’t brutalize my fun in too horrific of a fashion)… THANKS! It wouldn’t have happened with out people to play against.

If I played in your Venue (mostly The Family Game Store, but also Sir Bens, and a number of friend’s houses)… THANKS!


*I have a Karametra Deck that is only missing two cards.  I have a reborn Sharuum (Sphinx Tribal, no known combos involving Sharuum) Deck that just needs a Mana Base, and a Heroic Progenitus deck that is just missing a few cards…. plus at least 5 other decks in the works.

Game #117: Blind Seer

Game #117: Blind Seer
Date: 2014-02-19
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Arcades Sabboth; Grimgrin, Corpse-born; Gisela Blade of Goldnight
Result: Quick, Fun Loss

Blind Seer, Magic, InvasionvsArcades Sabboth, Magic, ChroniclesGisela, Blade of Goldnight, Magic, Avacyn RestoredGrimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, Innistrad

I arrived later than normal to Savage Mill, due to a Mock Trial runnning over-time. There was a 4 player game of stalemates in progress that went on for about 30 more minutes, leaving us only 35 minutes until closing. The game looked to be finished:a Karametra player had enough Craterhoof damage to kill everyone, but only if Ghave didn’t wipe the board via Butcher of Malakir, so to move things a long, two other players scooped and we started up another game. Balthor, noble gentleman that he is, gave up his seat at the table to keep it to a 4 player game.

This was the last completed* deck I needed to play to finish off my official play-through. I saved Urza for a group game because it’s more fun with more targets. Everyone else was playing “fast” decks because we were on the clock. I had a 3 land hand and decent cards. I played Insight on the only green player (arcades) and then dropped a Douse (heh heh heh… “dropped a Douse”) as well. Gisela opened with a Figure of Destiny (which leveled-up fast), Grimgrin had a Rooftop Storm, Drogskol Captain, Mikaeus and other stuff. Arcades was on the board fast. Grimgrin passed attacks around and I cast My general (and turned Rooftop Storm Red for Blue Elemental Blasting). Gisela played a Magamatic Force. I chump blocked with Blind Seer and played an Ixidron (that hid all 3 other generals), but then Arcades dropped a ton of guys with a Myojin of being Green and Gisela re-appeared via some trickery. Despite some cool tricks in hand and on board we all died to massive Green Beats from Arcades. I would have turned Gisela Blue and stolen her on my next turn.

Despite it having to be quick and dirty, I got to do some fun color changing tricks, so it was satisfying. It also marked a new element of freedom in playing games of Magic! I was a little bummed that Balthor wasn’t in the game, But I did get to play against the guy that first told me about EDH nights at Family Game Store, and I hadn’t played against him in a while.

About the Deck: (Tapped out Someday)
This is 5-Color Blue, or “lets play with Color.” It takes advantage of both color-hosers and color boosters to go along with Blind Seer’s Ability. Douse becomes “2uu: counter target spell” and re-setting different enchantments is also fun. Civic Saber on Shyft is great, and I can play Rainbow Crow! (not quite Storm Crow, but still rad). I like this deck, but it is not a deck for super fast games.

*I have a playable Karametra deck, but it’s waiting for 2 cards, so I’ve deemed it “Incomplete.”

Game #116: Obzedat, Ghost Council (GUILD)

Game #116: Obzedat, Ghost Council (GUILD)
Date: 02-13-14
Location: Home
Vs. Boros Guild
Result: Neutral Loss

Trostani, Selesnya's Voice, Magic, Return to RavnicavsAurelia, the Warleader, Magic, Gatecrash

This was second to last of the decks I had remaining (and one that I didn’t mind playing as a one on one), and, having just lost to it, I wanted to get the game over with. Most of the poeple at my normal game store no longer have Guild decks, so this was a good opportunity. My fiance asked for the fast red-white one, so I fetched Boros. I had a 3-land hand with a lot of high-cost things in my hand, but I went with it anyway. She started quick with a Guildmage, and a Courier Hawk and then built into an Assemble the Legion. I managed to get to 4 lands and an Absolver Thrull (though it didn’t have an enchantment to hit when I cast it). She played an Aurelia and a Gleam of Battle, which became a 2 Turn clock (4, then 5, then 6, then 7). I had a Hissing Miasma which was keeping the soldier tokens at bay. I got to 5 and cast Obzedat. I had an Obzedat’s Aid in hand, but not enough turns left to be forced to discard something so that I could bring it back and have a chance (Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts was the thing I discarded, but it was too little, too late. I had no way to get the Absolver Thrull to die and take Gleam of Battle with it.

In my hand: Angel of Despair; Necropolis Regent; Obzedat’s Aid; Merciless Eviction; Culling Sun; Treasury Thrull; and Pontiff of Blight. All would have been great to have, but you need lands to cast spells.

About the Deck
Orzhov is my favorite Guild of all of them. This deck skews more to the Extort side of the guild, but it does have a bunch of Haunt cards (since this is really the only deck I’d put Haunt cards into).

Game #115: Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice (GUILD)

Game #115: Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice (GUILD)
Date: 02-13-14
Location: Home
Vs. Orzhov Guild
Result: Fun Loss

Trostani, Selesnya's Voice, Magic, Return to RavnicavsTrostani, Selesnya's Voice, Magic, Return to Ravnica

The most recent snow storm meant another few days off of work. Instead of shoveling out the cars, my fiance offered to play a few guild deck games. Wanting to finish up this project, I decided that they’d be official games. I started with a one plains hand, but I had a Birds of Paradise in hand, and decided to gamble on the draw (all of the decks have 39 lands plus signet, cluestone, keyrune). and I got it on the draw. She started with 2 lands and a Kingpin’s Pet and followed it up with an Absolver Thrull (with nothing to destroy). I drew a forest and played Watchwolf, and the next turn played another forest, Birds of Paradise and Voice of Resurgence, but then stalled at 3 lands for a long time.

She built up a small army of bats and other things with Belfry Spirit and played Obzedat. The Thrull died, haunting the birds of paradise. I got a Glare of Subdual into play and had to cast //Well to gain some life back. I Devouring Lighted an unblockable (via Rogue’s passage (her most hated card)) Obzedat, and then she cast Merciless Eviction wiping the board. I’m still at 3 lands at this point.

I used the Glare of Subdual to keep a re-cast Obzedat from attacking, but a Storm Herd for 57 was the end of things. I was attacked and knocked to -50 life. It’s hard not to have fun in a game where you are run over by 57 Pegasus. I might have enjoyed having more than 3 lands though.

About the Deck
Another Guild deck. Of course this one is all about tokens.

Game #114: Patron of the Moon

Game #114: Patron of the Moon
Date: 2014-02-07
Location: Friend’s House in Baltimore
vs. Sister’s of Stone Death
Result: Fun Loss

Patron of the Moon, Magic, Betrayers of KamigawavsSisters of Stone Death, Magic, Ravnica

I thought I was out of decks to play (the only unplayed deck left in my box was Blind Seer, which is one I wouldn’t want to ever play in one on one) until I realized that I had Patron of the Moon in it’s own special box because it’s one of my, now, 4* sleeved decks due to the fact that it’s more than 50% foil (and some are Japanese Foils, or my very favorite foil Island**).

I had a 3 land hand with a Spellbook and drew a Teferi’s Isle. Sisters did a lot of cycling and card drawing early on. I cast an Everflowing Chalice with 2 counters and then a Caged Sun.  Sisters started playing snakes including a River Boa that was dangerous. I had a few small Moonfolk out, and eventually I got both Meloku, the Clouded Mirror and Patron of the Moon online and could generate several Illusion Tokens (that I so very much wished were Spirits) on board per turn as blockers for his snakes who were being Buffed by Seshiro.

I ended up re-casting Patron twice more in the game (once with Moonfolk Offering as a surprise).  His River Boa was island walking for big damage, and he also had Hythonia on the table. I played a Roil Elemental (that I should have played earlier, but was holding on to because I didn’t want to just win the game out of nowhere), but totally forgot that Monstrous could be achieved at instant speed, so all the non-gorgons died. I think at that point I still was able to re-cast Patron, and be able to block, but instead was killed with Suffer the Past.

I like that the Sisters deck was Gorgon/Snake themed like mine is (though mine is also a landfall deck… I seem to have a lot of landfall decks, including a new one in the works…)

About the Deck (  or, when I can edit it again )

The goal of this one is to be Moonfolk Tribal with a minor Spirits Matter theme and play around with Patron of the Moon’s sweet ability (and try to trinket tutor for Amulet of Vigor). I love abusing land-drops.  The deck likes lands that produce extra mana (what deck doesn’t… this would be the first deck to get a Tolarian Academy, were it legal). I was sort of trying to foil it out (or use Japanese cards) and it does have a foil Japanese Thwart in it (though only a foil Foil, I think), but sometimes I don’t remember what all of the Kamigawa cards do and I have to keep spares around. I have yet to be able to sneak out The Unspeakable, though I want to.

*All Foil Vampires; Teysa #1; 90% Foil Ashling the Pligrim; Patron of the Moon

** Favorite Island
Island (338), Magic, Mercadian Masques

Game #113: Isperia, Supreme Judge (AZORIUS GUILD)

Game #113: Isperia, Supreme Judge (AZORIUS GUILD)
Date: 2014-02-07
Location: Friend’s House in Baltimore
vs. Obzedat, Ghost Council (GUILD)
Result: Neutral – Fun Win

Isperia, Supreme Judge, Magic, Return to RavnicavsObzedat, Ghost Council, Magic, Gatecrash

My friend had a few Guild style decks built (where most of my regular play group took theirs apart), so I saw an opportunity to get a game out of the way. I had a 4-land hand and decent things. Orzhov started with Syndic of Tithe’s followed by Basilica Guards, but not a lot of mana.  I had an early Guildmage of New Prahv (which makes me think of New Prague, MN) and a Keening Apparition suited up with Righteous Authority and Murder Investigation.  I swung with it and it was targeted with condemn, so I sacrificed it to destroy one of the enchantments and get 7 guys (I don’t know if we played it right).  I also played  a Judge’s Familiar and Isperia.  Orzhov had a Desecration Demon, which I Dream Leashed and had a knight and a Pack Rat.  I took care of his Ogre Slumlord guy and was able to fly in with Isperia for the win.

About the Deck:

This one is one of the more powerful guild decks, I think, because it is almost all flying, card draw and control. If it can maintain a board presence most of the other decks can’t block.

Game #112: Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer

Game #112: Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer
Date: 2014-02-07
Location: Friend’s House in Baltimore
vs. Stonebrow, Krosan Hero
Result: neutral loss

Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer, Magic, New PhyrexiavsStonebrow, Krosan Hero, Magic, Time Spiral

This was a deck I thought had a chance. It’s won games before. I start with a 2 land hand and miss my third land drop. I wouldn’t get over 4 lands in the game. I had a Kor Skyfisher, Auriok Steelshaper and a Whispersilk Cloak, which worked nicely together and eventually a Soltari Guerrillas (Which are awesome). Stonebrow got his general out as well as a Deus of Calamity, which was a huge problem as I had a Windbrisk Heights sitting with a token spell on it, and I could NOT afford to lose ANY lands. Thus I had to block, keeping me under 3 creatures. Stonebrow grabbed Soul of the Harvest and I just couldn’t deal with a bunch of 8/8 Tramplers. This game was a bummer.

About the Deck (tapped out someday)
This is Soldier Tribal Metal Craft. Nothing super original, but I had a lot of fun with it back in the day. It always feels like it’s missing something or should be re-vamped and updated, so that keeps me from playing it more. When I go to make changes, though, I don’t know what to cut. I’ll probably keep this one together.

Game #111: Sek’Kuar the Deathkeeper

Game #111: Sek’Kuar the Deathkeeper
Location: Friend’s House in Baltimore
Vs. Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs
Result: neutral Loss

Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper, Magic, ColdsnapvsKazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs, Magic, Worldwake

Disappointed with the previous game, I pulled out another deck that I wasn’t too excited to play (but needed to get through). I started out with 5 (snow) Lands, Orcish Lumbjerack, sextant and a Balduvian Warlord. Kazuul ramped and eventually had a Furnace of Rath and a Moonveil Dragon (Which I was able to Kill via Stalking Yeti, thanks to the Furnace). I tried some tricks trying to force blocks because I had a venomous breath in hand, but instead just died to Ancient Hellkite pinging everything to death.

About the Deck (tappedout someday)
This deck is Ice Age Block Constructed (Ice Age-Alliances-Coldsnap) because I felt like it. All the lands are snow. There are some decent cards in it, but a lot of filler as well, and it doesn’t have fantastic Synergy. Sometimes I really want to play it, but not often. It was more of an experiment.

Game #110: Riku of Two Reflections

Game #110: Riku of Two Reflections
Date: 2014-02-07
Location: Friend’s House in Baltimore
vs. Wrexial the Risen Deep
Result: Unsatisfying Loss

Riku of Two Reflections, Magic, CommandervsWrexial, the Risen Deep, Magic, Worldwake

I got the chance to play some unexpected magic, which was nice because I will have to miss the next 2 or 3 Wednesdays. My fiance and her friend and coworker were going out and my friend (the coworker’s husband) was staying home to keep an ear on the new baby. That meant that he could play a bunch of magic with me (and I could be the Driver when the women got back).

I was itching to get through all of the decks I have left so that I could choose what decks to play, so after one game with the new Pre-cons (My Jeleva lost to his Derevi), I started pulling out decks-to-be-played.

I started with a 4 land hand, including all 3 colors, and I kept drawing a bunch of land. I had cool stuff to play, but his Wrexial deck was all discard, AND he stole one of my lands PLUS he changed my only source of Green to an island. I had Riku out, but then he played Painful Quandary. Despite having almost 10 mana, I had no green and couldn’t cast much of my hand (What was left of it). I would have died to general damage had I not scooped.

Riku was a deck that is on the chopping block. I may play it one more time to give it a final chance to be fun (before I turn it into a almost-all-creature Kiki-Jiki deck)

About the Deck ( )

This was the first deck I built after the original Pre-cons came out. It’s mostly ramp (one of the two decks I played Prime Time in before he was banned), steal and copy.  I had a lot of fun with it in the past, but I never seem to want to reach for it now. I might take it apart, but I think it gets one more chance.

Game #109: Child of Alara

Game #109: Child of Alara
Date: 2014-02-05
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Arcades Sabboth; Karona, False God
Result: Unsatisfying Loss

Child of Alara, Magic, Confluxvs.Arcades Sabboth, Magic, ChroniclesKarona, False God, Magic, Scourge

There was time for one more game this evening, and my choices of decks were dwindling. Balthor switched to the borrowed, random foils, Karona deck. I had to mulligan a few times before I drew any lands. Eventually I had a hand with a land, a chromatic sphere and a paradise mantle, so I kept it (we are pretty casual about mulligans, so I had other cards too). My second land drawn was a Crosis’ Catacombs. All I could manage early on was a black Zubera that wore the Paradise pants.

Karona had Garruk Wildspeaker and a Proteus Staff. Arcades had 7 lands in play by the time I had2 AND got a Mana Reflection and then tons of stuff: Spearbreaker Behomoth, a Nishoba, Dauntless Escort etc. I eventually drew some lands and had 4 of 5 colors. Karona Proteus Staffed away the Spearbreaker, but it became a Deathless Angel, which was just as bad. Arcades hit me for 10 in the air. If it weren’t for the Indestructible, I could have done some tricks with the Child of Alara, but as it stood, it would only hurt me and Karona. Arcades then got a Prohpet of Kruphix and a Priviliged Position and a bunch of other stuff. I couldn’t block flyers, so died to General damage (though I did get to attack with Karona and Child and declare “Avatar” for value. Another time, forgetting which deck I was playing, I said “Allies” and stuck with it, even though it was silly)

About the Deck (Tapped out Someday)
This was an excuse to play Zuberas, Hondens and the Bringers, and a few other 5-color cycles. It’s one I may just take apart. It’s not a dedicated combo deck like the “Carlos” zubera deck.