Game #106: Balthor the Stout

Game #106: Balthor the Stout
Date: 2014-02-05
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Balthor, the Defiled; Pheldagriff
Result: Neutral Loss

Balthor the Stout, Magic, TormentvsBalthor the DefiledPhelddagrif, Magic, Alliances

I started out hard with a turn 1 Dwarven Trader (1/1 vanilla for R is the bomb) followed by a turn 2 Dwarven Solider (Fallen Empires are OP) and a turn 3 Strata Scythe. Other Balthor played a Grave Crawler and a Shepherd of Rot, and Pheldagriff was building up lands (non-basic ones). After Balthor played a Cabal Coffers, I played Blood Moon in hopes of buying some time. Though Pheldagriff was able to get a Prophet of Kruphix and Mind’s Eye out before Balthor played an Oblivion Stone (that also killed my Jeska).

AFter the reset button I played Lovisa (hoping to buff Red Balthor) but she was sent on the Path to Exile. Pheldagriff played Medomai, but it, along with Black Balthor were Jaws of Stoned. I played a Mine Layer, Balthor played a Grave Titan and Phelda played a Dovescape and Suture Priest. Black Balthor brought everything back and Jeska killed the Suture Priest. I had grand plans of turning a Comet Storm into a bunch of birds, but then Zombie Master happened and we died.

About the Deck ( )
After playing against Balthor the Black for so long, I decided to build my own (though it had been in the works for awhile). Of course it had to be Dwarf tribal, but of course Dwarf Legends don’t pump Dwarves, AND most of the dwarves are pretty sub-par even by my standards, so I also added in Barbarians and a Mountains-matter theme (so Koth would finally have a home). It has some haste, some direct damage (it will have a Dwarven Catapult). I don’t anticipate playing this one too much, but aside from Blood Moon it doesn’t have too much of great value in it.

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