Game #107: Heidar, Rimewind Master

Game #107: Heidar, Rimewind Master
Date: 2014-02-05
Location: Family Game Store
vs.: Ghave; Balthor
Result: Neutral/Fun Loss

Heidar, Rimewind Master, Magic, ColdsnapvsBalthor the DefiledGhave, Guru of Spores, Magic, Commander

It was fitting to debut this deck on a day that I had off from work due to an ice storm. I had 3 snow-covered lands and got to start the game with a Leyline of Anticipation in play (my first ever pre-game leyline). Balthor started out with a Stripmine, Wasteland and Expedition Map. I played a Frost Raptor and had to discard twice to Liliana (lands both times. big mistake). Eventually I drew a 4th land to play the Surgespanner that I didn’t discard, but I stalled there for a long time. Balthor already had ridiculous lands plus a Mikaeus. There was a Patriarch’s bidding.

The best thing I managed to do was kill off the coffers by bouncing a Reality Acid (the other card I didn’t discard) with a Surgespanner. Then Balthor played a Coat of Arms. Ghave had been slowly building an army with a Cytoplast Root-kin and drawing cards off of Greater Good. Balthor was set to play Grey Merchant of Asphodel and Ghave did a ton of stuff in response sacrificing big tokens to Greater Good with Butcher of Malakir out to kill zombies (That came back from Mikaeus) and kill them again, and then Chord of Calling for Savra to accelerate things, but by the end Gray merchant only had Devotion of 3 or 4 (down from 17). Ghave couldnt’ sacrifice anything else or he’d have decked himself.

Ghave dropped Ajani and Elspeth and gave his general flying and double strike to kill Balthor. I had an Icy Manipulator to tap Ghave, but there was nothing I could do to stay alive. I played a Delusions of Mediocraty, but had no ability to donate it.

About the Deck (Tappedout someday)
This deck was built around the time of the big “Polar Vortex” where barely sub-zero temperatures crippled the East Coast (and made this native Minnesotan laugh). I had to acquire plenty of Snow Covered Islands to make it work. It started out just being a Ice/Snow theme deck (yes it has an Ice Cauldron) but then I realized that Heidar’s ability is really good and worked well with things like Reality Acid and Puca’s Mischeif/Donate + Illusions of Grandeur/Delusions of Mediocraty. I was really excited to play it, but really bummed that it was mana-screwed. Icy Prison is a great multi-player O-ring for Blue. You can play it on a major threat, but then put pressure on other players to pay the upkeep instead if they want the target gone too.

Also, I like having fun random sleeves for my generals (the only card I sleeve is the general) and another card I ordered came in that day with a really pretty deep blue metallic sleeve that was perfect for Heidar.

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