Game #108: Rhys the Redeemed

Game #108: Rhys the Redeemed
Date: 2014-02-05
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Arcades Sabboth; Balthor
Result: Loss

Rhys y Rhai GwaredolvsBalthor the DefiledArcades Sabboth, Magic, Chronicles

I started with 3 lands and a Sylvan Library. I played a Wirewood Hivemaster and followed it up with Rhys and a Wellwisher. Balthor started with a Candelabra, Graveborn Muse, the trio of lands of evil (Urborg, Coffers, Deserted Temple) and a Pontiff of Blight, then a Soulless One and a Carrion Feeder. I eventually got to 5 lands (where I stayed, with a hand full of good stuff at 6 mana) and played a Doubling Season, but all it did was give me an extra set of Snake/Wolf/Elephant off Bestial Menace.

Arcades had an Akroma, but I’m pretty sure we died to Extort and beatdown.

About the Deck
Thing #1 it is not pronounced “Riss” or “Rizz” or “Rice” or “Rise”. It is Welsh (thus the poorly translated proxy above) and pronounced Rees, and I want to punch your face if you get it wrong. That said…
This was my first “mono-green” deck ever. Technically Rhys is also white, but there is nothing white in the deck. It’s goal is to produce a whole bunch of different kinds of tokens. I don’t play it a lot because I haven’t finished making tokens for it and it can get complicated to remember which is which.

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