Game #109: Child of Alara

Game #109: Child of Alara
Date: 2014-02-05
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Arcades Sabboth; Karona, False God
Result: Unsatisfying Loss

Child of Alara, Magic, Confluxvs.Arcades Sabboth, Magic, ChroniclesKarona, False God, Magic, Scourge

There was time for one more game this evening, and my choices of decks were dwindling. Balthor switched to the borrowed, random foils, Karona deck. I had to mulligan a few times before I drew any lands. Eventually I had a hand with a land, a chromatic sphere and a paradise mantle, so I kept it (we are pretty casual about mulligans, so I had other cards too). My second land drawn was a Crosis’ Catacombs. All I could manage early on was a black Zubera that wore the Paradise pants.

Karona had Garruk Wildspeaker and a Proteus Staff. Arcades had 7 lands in play by the time I had2 AND got a Mana Reflection and then tons of stuff: Spearbreaker Behomoth, a Nishoba, Dauntless Escort etc. I eventually drew some lands and had 4 of 5 colors. Karona Proteus Staffed away the Spearbreaker, but it became a Deathless Angel, which was just as bad. Arcades hit me for 10 in the air. If it weren’t for the Indestructible, I could have done some tricks with the Child of Alara, but as it stood, it would only hurt me and Karona. Arcades then got a Prohpet of Kruphix and a Priviliged Position and a bunch of other stuff. I couldn’t block flyers, so died to General damage (though I did get to attack with Karona and Child and declare “Avatar” for value. Another time, forgetting which deck I was playing, I said “Allies” and stuck with it, even though it was silly)

About the Deck (Tapped out Someday)
This was an excuse to play Zuberas, Hondens and the Bringers, and a few other 5-color cycles. It’s one I may just take apart. It’s not a dedicated combo deck like the “Carlos” zubera deck.


2 thoughts on “Game #109: Child of Alara

  1. Hi, like your blog.
    I have a cycles themed Cromat deck. Do you have any tips or maybe your decklist?


    • I will put up a decklist later today. I don’t have any great tips (I don’t think this deck was as good as it could be). Thanks for reading!

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