Game #113: Isperia, Supreme Judge (AZORIUS GUILD)

Game #113: Isperia, Supreme Judge (AZORIUS GUILD)
Date: 2014-02-07
Location: Friend’s House in Baltimore
vs. Obzedat, Ghost Council (GUILD)
Result: Neutral – Fun Win

Isperia, Supreme Judge, Magic, Return to RavnicavsObzedat, Ghost Council, Magic, Gatecrash

My friend had a few Guild style decks built (where most of my regular play group took theirs apart), so I saw an opportunity to get a game out of the way. I had a 4-land hand and decent things. Orzhov started with Syndic of Tithe’s followed by Basilica Guards, but not a lot of mana.  I had an early Guildmage of New Prahv (which makes me think of New Prague, MN) and a Keening Apparition suited up with Righteous Authority and Murder Investigation.  I swung with it and it was targeted with condemn, so I sacrificed it to destroy one of the enchantments and get 7 guys (I don’t know if we played it right).  I also played  a Judge’s Familiar and Isperia.  Orzhov had a Desecration Demon, which I Dream Leashed and had a knight and a Pack Rat.  I took care of his Ogre Slumlord guy and was able to fly in with Isperia for the win.

About the Deck:

This one is one of the more powerful guild decks, I think, because it is almost all flying, card draw and control. If it can maintain a board presence most of the other decks can’t block.

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