Game #115: Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice (GUILD)

Game #115: Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice (GUILD)
Date: 02-13-14
Location: Home
Vs. Orzhov Guild
Result: Fun Loss

Trostani, Selesnya's Voice, Magic, Return to RavnicavsTrostani, Selesnya's Voice, Magic, Return to Ravnica

The most recent snow storm meant another few days off of work. Instead of shoveling out the cars, my fiance offered to play a few guild deck games. Wanting to finish up this project, I decided that they’d be official games. I started with a one plains hand, but I had a Birds of Paradise in hand, and decided to gamble on the draw (all of the decks have 39 lands plus signet, cluestone, keyrune). and I got it on the draw. She started with 2 lands and a Kingpin’s Pet and followed it up with an Absolver Thrull (with nothing to destroy). I drew a forest and played Watchwolf, and the next turn played another forest, Birds of Paradise and Voice of Resurgence, but then stalled at 3 lands for a long time.

She built up a small army of bats and other things with Belfry Spirit and played Obzedat. The Thrull died, haunting the birds of paradise. I got a Glare of Subdual into play and had to cast //Well to gain some life back. I Devouring Lighted an unblockable (via Rogue’s passage (her most hated card)) Obzedat, and then she cast Merciless Eviction wiping the board. I’m still at 3 lands at this point.

I used the Glare of Subdual to keep a re-cast Obzedat from attacking, but a Storm Herd for 57 was the end of things. I was attacked and knocked to -50 life. It’s hard not to have fun in a game where you are run over by 57 Pegasus. I might have enjoyed having more than 3 lands though.

About the Deck
Another Guild deck. Of course this one is all about tokens.

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