Game #124: Sedris, the Traitor King

Game #124: Sedris, the Traitor King
Date: 2014-04-02
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Balthor; Sisters of Stone Death
Result: Neutral Loss

Sedris, the Traitor King, Magic, Shards of Alaravs.Balthor the DefiledSisters of Stone Death, Magic, Ravnica

This was the very first time I even did test draws with this deck (which meant I had to reshuffle twice before I got a hand with any land). My hand had decent lands, but not decent color distribution. Sisters of Stone Death played an Urborg, Balthor a Deserted Temple and some kind of tutor. I drew a Demonic Collusion and was pretty pumped. I hit land drops and mana rocks and was ready to cast it on turn 4, pitching two decent creatures for Buyback to search out a Prince of Thralls, and then cast it again the next turn pitching the Prince and another good creature. At this point I had both Cold Storage and Voyager Staff in hand, so I grabbed Salvaging Station, all set to cast Sedris next turn and start playing Unearth tricks.

Then Balthor cast Withered Wretch and a Candelabra of Tawnos and had ninety bajillion mana and a Grey Merchant and Geth and all sorts of silly things. A Memory Jar actually helps me a bit, putting some unneeded lands and big fatties in the grave yard, but there wasn’t much we could do. Sisters cast the Join Forces ramp spell and I got a bunch of lands. I cast Life’s Finale, helping Sisters get Massacre Wurm, RuneScarred Demon and Hythonia, in his yard for impending Balthor activations, but Balthor just cast Yawgmoth’s Will and re-cast his graveyard instead using Pontiff of Blight to Extort Sisters to a stone death and me to 3. On my turn I cast Sedris, unearthed a Dead-eye Navigator and blinked it, just because. Then I died.

The deck did what I wanted it to in terms of draws, spells and graveyard. Withered Wretch was just too good.

About the Deck:
This deck started as being a UBR Zombies deck using cast-offs from building Tymaret and adding blue, until I remembered that I already had one of those in Lord of Tresserhorn. So it became more of a load up my graveyard/your graveyards unearth/reanimate deck. It’s different enough from my Mimeoplasm deck to be fun. I don’t usually like self-milling, but it’s fun in this deck. As big finishers I like Dragon Tyrant and Prince of Thralls.

The Rest of the Evening:

We started the night playing Mono Black (Balthor vs. Nefarox vs. Shauku the Endbringer).  I had some decent Cleric animation and reanimation and was poised to do pretty decently, but Shauku (a creaturless deck) was able to hang on and use Sanguine Bond and the gain-life Tower to kill us off.

After Sedris I played Melek, Izzet spell-copier guy vs. Balthor and Sisters. My happy play in that game was to double cast a Stolen Identity (getting a matched set of Caged Suns) AND a drake and elemental token. I don’t remember who won that one.

I ended the night playing Teysa #1 against Balthor and Karona. Karona did laps of the table but mostly pounded herself and Balthor. Balthor didn’t have a great board or graveyard, and I had a pretty decent selection of card draw, token creation, sac-outlets, mana and reanimation, so Balthor scooped for time.

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