Game #125: Yomiji, Who Bars the Way

Game #125: Yomiji, Who Bars the Way
Date: 2014-04-19
Location: Mom’s Living Room, Duluth, MN
Vs. Teneb the Harvester
Result: fun ‘win’
Yomiji, Who Bars the Way, Magic, Betrayers of KamigawavsTeneb, the Harvester, Magic, Commander

I was home for a short time to do Wedding Preparations and see family, and I brought two decks, in the off chance that my brother would be around to play.  Of course I had to play the Legendary Wedding deck.  Playing with my brother is fun, because neither of us take the game too seriously.

I started with a 4 land hand and played a Mikaeus the Lunarch with 1 counter on turn two.  Teneb started ramping early on with Fertilid and a Solemn Simulacrum. I played Heliod and a Day of Destiny, and swung with Mikeaus, who was functionally a 5/5 at the time. He was swords, but I tapped him to pump for 6 life.  I dropped a Kor Haven, and I needed to keep mana available for it because Teneb had hit the board adn was threatening.

Teneb continued to ramp, using a Whip of Erebos to bring back Fertilid and use it twice.  I was able to play Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile and attack.  Teneb ramped into It that Betrays. I, against better judgment, Expedition Mapped for Cathedral of Serra (because that’s how this deck rolls — Bands. With. Other. (I should’ve probably gotten Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx (my proxy is “Nicthos, Shrine to Nics”  with my face with the ‘starfield’ effect))).

I banded Heliod and Brigid and was able to kill Teneb, though I was hoping to get ITB to block.  I was stuck at 4 useable land.  My brother isn’t very cutthroat, and could have won the game right there with annhilate and ITB, though I did have enough Cleric tokens to survive for a turn.  Instead he built up Liliana of the Dark realms to her ultimate (because he didn’t have enough mana).  I lucked into an Akroma’s Memorial (which he decided not to destroy, opting to kill the Kor Haven instead).  Teneb then cast Diabolic Revelation for 15, followed by a Morality Shift into Rise of the Dark Realms (leaving him with 5 or 6 cards in his library).  If we would have taken time to deal with all of the Triggers (I later noticed a Terastodon) and such, he probably would have won, also.

I was dead, and couldn’t think of what I could draw to not die on his turn. I drew Honor-Worn Shaku, and started formulating a plan.  The Shaku allowed me to play and use a Mindslaver, the sacrifice of which put it on to Teneb’s side via ITB. He was tapped out.  All I had to do was figure out how to get him to draw out his deck.

I took my stolen turn, first re-using the Mindslaver to get control of his next turn.  He had Chainer, Night-Eyes and the Whip of Erebos for reanimation, but NO SACRIFICE OUTLETS. My plan was to use his Solemn Simulacrum and Pelakka Wurm death triggers to cause him to draw out. I had plenty of ways and means to get them back, but the only way I could kill them was via one  Avatar of Woe (I did re-draw his STP and exile his Platinum Angel).

I killed the Pelakka Wurm and reanimated it. He was down to 3 cards in the library. I took my second turn. Drew. 2 cards. Killed the Pelakka Wurm and reanimated it. 1 card. Then I noticed Mageta the Lion. I had two cards in hand so I wrathed the board. 2 draw triggers… only one card to draw.  (we weren’t sure how the triggers would work with creatures reanimated by Chainer, so we agreed that I had just used Nighteyes).

It was a silly game, and my brother really should have won it, but he said he was far happier getting to Morality Shift/Rise of the Dark Realms and then watch me try to make him lose.

About the Deck (Tapped Out: )

I wanted another Mono-White deck, as I had the fewest mono decks of that color, and I was intrigued by the old non-mana-producing lands from Legends that granted “Bands with Other Legends,” mostly because people think they are terrible.  It became clear that a Mono-Legendary deck was in order. Since I’m getting married pretty soon, AND I loved “How I Met Your Mother” (and I didn’t hate the 9th season OR the finale), I knew it had to be somewhat Wedding Themed.  Yomiji is the officiant, and there are an equal number of “male” and “female” legends (because my wedding will be of that variety), though neither I, nor the deck discriminates, and good gameplay allows any legend to freely “Band” with any other legend (“Cats and Birds! Living together! Mass Hysteria!”), including Sister Wives and Brother Husbands, etc.

Most of the non creatures are also Legendary, though there are a few cards like Ring of Thune, Holy Day, etc. I was extremely excited when Heroes Podium was spoiled, because it was the perfect Altar for the wedding.

This deck also got a fancy box, little plastic gold ring/dove tokens, and is in Sleeves. The sleeves are because I only own one Elesh Norn, and had no spare Avacyns, so I made full-art proxies for it. Sleeves also allow for custom cards, which I only use when playing for Fun with my brother or fiance (otherwise I play Sisay’s Ring)

Lun Ring
Legendary Artifact
At the beginning of your end-step put a counter on Lun Ring. If Lun ring would have 4 or more counters on it, instead remove all counters.
Add 1 to your mana pool for each counter on Lun Ring.

It’s a counterpart to Sol Ring, also based off of Tidal Influence.  It’s probably broken. I’m not a developer.

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