Game #129: Reveka, Wizard Savant

Game #129: Reveka, Wizard Savant
Date: 2014-05-14
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Pheldagriff; Glissa, the Traitor; Balthor.
Result: Fun Loss

Reveka Wizard SavantvsBalthor the DefiledPhelddagrif, Magic, AlliancesGlissa, the Traitor, Magic, Mirrodin Besieged

I started the game with a 4 or 5 land hand, and it started out pretty great: Balthor played the Liliana I was very much hoping he would play and made everyone discard, allowing me to discard Psychic Purge and deal him 5 damage. That achievement alone made the game fun for me. Glissa played a Carnage Altar and imprinted Prototype Portal with Tree of Tales. I played down a Shapeshifters Marrow which eventually became a Geralf’s Messenger, and then played a Caged Sun to match the one that Balthor had (Along with his Candelabra and a Top and a Sac Outlet dude.) Pheldagriff was using StoneCloaker to mess with people and used the mass blink spell on Glissa to get rid of the token Lands and generator.

I decided to slow the game down by playing Frozen Aether AND a Meekstone, keeping most of the rest of the creatures tapped down, I also was a jerk and Amnesia-ed Pheldagriff (for having the most cards in hand… all of them non-land), this would prove to be a mistake. I played Reveka.

Balthor then got crazy with Geth and Ridiculous amounts of Mana: Darksteel Forge, Suture Priest, several trinkets, Stone Cloaker, 2(!) Coat of Arms, some other big dudes from Phelda’s graveyard, and then we all died horribly (and Balthor was put away for the night).

About the Deck (TappedOut some day)
I wanted to make a Mono-Blue Creatureless (no creatures except the General) deck. When I started building I realized I was going in two directions so I refocused the deck as Soramaro. Then I realized that I had to cut all of my “Stuff Blue Shouldn’t Do, But Used To” cards. So I had to build another deck. Since it was going to be a Direct Damage deck (kind of) Reveka was the old school best choice (also, she’s a Blue Dwarf Legend). The deck has all manner of blue damage spells and old school damaging engchantments(Beta Psychic Venom, Creature Bond, Feedback,etc) plus other weird stuff from the Early days of magic (Baki’s Curse, Energy Vortex), and then some standard playing-creatures hate like Aether Storm and Soul barrier. It’s rounded out with un-tap effects for Revkeka and a few “theft” spells. It ended up being better than I expected.   I think I cut Sorrows Path at the last minute (because I didn’t have a spare Donate at the time), but I think it’s going back in.  I plan on winning a game via Sorrows Path some day…

The Rest of the Night
The next game featured me playing Daxos (another “Creatureless” deck) vs Karona, “Foils” God, Baru (borrowed by Balthor) and Oloro. I played a turn 2 Daxos and did a lot of swinging, but Karona got really silly (though I was smart enough to put a Vow on her). Baru won that one because of mono/mana mania.

The last game of the night had me playing Chainer, Dementia Master (ALSO “creatureless”, but really just my Lim Dul deck with a different General — not truly “new” as a deck) vs Arcades Sabboth, Nekusar, and Baru. I had a ridiculous start with Grave Betrayal, Black Market, a copied Ulamog and a Life’s Finale into Rise of the Dark Realms, BUT I totally died to Arcades letting Nekusar kill his Prime Speaker, which then came back to Grave-ly Betray me and make me draw 13 cards when I only had 11 life. I never did get to use Chainer.

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