Game #131: Skeleton Ship

Game #131: Skeleton Ship
Date: 2014-05-18
Location: Friend’s House in Baltimore
vs.: Thelon of Havenwood
Result: Fun Loss

Skeleton Ship, Magic, Ice AgevsThelon of Havenwood, Magic, Time Spiral

Pirates vs. Plants (Because the zombies were off fighting the ninjas) was the second game of the afternoon. I played an early Merchant Ship, and he played an early Thelon, along with an Ashnod’s Altar and a Sol Ring and a Worldly Tutor for Verdeloth. Meanwhile all I can muster is a Reef Pirates and a Coastal Piracy. He matches my Merfolk Looter and Bane Alley Broker with a kicked Verdeloth and a Verdant Force (and other things to give him spore counters). I’m doing everything I can to chump block and stay alive. Eventually I get to a Deepchannel Mentor, but it just helps my Reef Pirates get through.

I’m on the brink of a creeping death by non-seaweeds when I’m able to cast a Knowledge Exploitation via Prowl and get Death Mutation to kill off Verdant force and have some blockers. However I’m at 2 life and I’m one blocker short. I manage to hold of death again, though, by bouncing Verdeloth and negating his Saproling Pump. The one plant gets through for 1. I cast some creatures as a last ditch effort, but I’m not able to do anything to hold back the saprolings.

About the Deck (TappedOut maybe someday)
I’ve been considering the obligatory Pirate deck for a long long time. Ramirez Di Pietro was one of the very first Legends I ever owned (after Jasmine Boreal), and he’s interchangeable with Skeleton Ship as a general for this deck. It, of course, plays all of the pirates, but I supplemented the pirates with other Rogues, giving me access to Prowl, and some neat Inspired cards in UB. The deck also plays Bribery/Acquire and a number of other things to represent conscription/theft/kidnapping etc. I think I’m going to add in Grappling Hook for flavor also. I added King Macar, because pirates love gold, and he can give them their letters of marque.

I briefly considered making it a Pirates of Dark Water theme deck, but I decided I didn’t want to spend too much time matching things up with it.

Each island in the deck is foil and different. I considered getting the Euro lands, but this deck isn’t one that I want to invest too much more into. The lands are warped and shuffle poorly, so this one is going to get sleeved (and probably foiled, someday) in House Greyjoy kraken sleeves.

The ultimate goal, of course is to go “Caw Blade” by equiping a Ensouled Scimitar to either Storm Crow, Rainbow Crow or Giant Albatross. Because that would be absolutely awesome.

Storm Crow, Magic, 8th EditionEnsouled Scimitar, Magic, Fifth Dawn

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