Game #134: Jhoira of the Ghitu

Game #134: Jhoira of the Ghitu
Date: 2014-08-20
Location: Family Game Store
vs. AtogAtog; Prossh, Skyraider of Kher (Stock); Marchesa; Vorosh the Hunter
Result: Neutral Loss (scoop)

JhoiraVSProssh, Skyraider of Kher, Magic, Commander 2013Atogatog, Magic, OdysseyMarchesa, the Black Rose, Magic, ConspiracyVorosh, the Hunter, Magic, Planar Chaos

I finally got the chance to try out a new deck built over the summer. Jhoira faced off against a 5-color goodstuff AtogAtog deck, a stock Prossh deck, Marchesa and Vorosh.  I had a 3 land hand and started suspending things. Atogatog started with a Leyline of Anticipation. Rift Elemental was out doing work for my team, though it died trading with an AtogAtog sent my way.

Atog Atog had a lot of ramp happening , and Prossh was building up as well. Marchesa attacked Prosh, and continued to attack whomever held the throne. Vorosh was growing.  Meanwhile I had suspended a whole bunch of things, including Melek, Minds Desire, Reality Acid, Riftwing Cloudskate and Greater Gargadon. I was using a variety of techniques to manage the time counters, hoping to get them to go off in the order that I wanted.

Atogatog time spiraled and played Awakening and Marchesa played a Grey Merchant of Asphodel for a moderate amount.  At this point Atog Atog had an unlimited handsize thanks to Praetor’s Counsel, and he made us draw a lot with Minds Aglow (though no one else paid into it).

Atogatog tried literally bribing someone to not attack or destroy his lands, then cast Chaos Warp and Radiate.  When I realized that Chaos Warp could hit lands, I scooped, not wanting to take the gamble in a deck that didn’t have too many permanents.  I had been carefully building my suspended spells, and needed all of the mana that I had in order to manipulate the time counters.  I had Ignite Memories and a Paradox Haze in my hand, and would have gotten a pretty okay storm count for Minds Desire, but it just wasn’t going to work without mana, so it wasn’t worth it.  All of the ignite Memories damage was going to head at Atogatog anyway.

The game continued without me and went somewhat long, though Atogatog got taken out.

About the Deck: (tapped out someday)

Jhoira is one of those commanders that automatically is assumed to be “Broken LD plus Eldrazi turn 4,” so I wanted to build a Jhoira deck that  was a fun one to go against the stereotype. Plus my friend (former player of a Broken-Style Jhoira deck) was selling his really cool altered general to me for cheap, so I had to build a deck, and of course I went for just Suspending cool things and manipulating Time Counters as the main plan, with a goal of getting a decent Storm Count to see what Mind’s Desire could do.  It’s kind of fun to have all of the things on the board in suspend land and to see the “Storm” rolling in (which also reminded me of my wedding).

I had wanted to build a Power/Toughness switching deck for awhile too, so I made that a theme in this deck as well.

1 thought on “Game #134: Jhoira of the Ghitu

  1. Just to close out the game recap on one of the least satisfying (due to the obnoxiousness of the Atogatog player) long games that I have played in a while. Due to the Atogatog’s player’s gloating, attempted real bribery, insulting of the Marchesa’s player and playing a deck whose whole purpose was to play God with the board state, I broke my policy of not destroying lands. In response to the chaos warp + radiate, I recurred woodfall primus (perilous foray + Woodfall Primus + Spike weaver/cytoplast Rootkin) away all but 5 of Atogatog’s permanents, then finished him off with what guys I had after the chaos warp + radiate resolved. The three remaining players rebuilt (I found out later that the Prosh player was using the stock deck). He barely squeezed out enough damage to finish off Marchesa, who was about to go ballistic the next turn. I returned the favor with nearly 400 damage thanks to bioshift’ing counters from Zegana, Prime speaker while Primal Vigor and Corpsejack menace were in play.

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