A few interim games, or How to Stop Worrying and Not Detest Time Stretch

Since I’m still waiting for a few last pieces to finish of Nahiri, I didn’t play any new decks this week, and I probably won’t play anything but Tiny Leaders over my holiday break. However, I did play in 4 pretty fun games last night using decks I haven’t played in a while.

Game 1:  Isperia, Supreme Judge Vs.  Daretti, Scrap Savant and Grimgrin, Corpseborn.

I had just updated Isperia  (a UW Aggro Tokens deck) with a few cards from C14 (and removed Propaganda) and was excited to play.  I got to do tricks with Reconnaisance an Inspired guys to make tokens,  and I managed to, for only the 2nd or 3rd time EVER, pull off a Planeswalker Ultimate (Tamiyo).  I had to use an overloaded Cyclonic Rift AND keep a Stonecloaker (that ate an almost-goblin-welded Spine of Ish-Sah) on the board to make it happen.   Then, because the cards were falling my way, I Windbrisk Heights out a Cathar’s Crusade.  I never actually used the Tamiyo Emblem until, whoops, I drew Time Stretch.     Normally I hate Time Stretch, and this is the ONLY deck (of 130+) that I even have it in, and it’s ONLY in it because there’s no “You get another attack step” spells in UW and ONLY because I have no way to tutor for, duplicate, or recur it… except, I now realize, by a Tamiyo Emblem.  Luckily I had the board state to win the game in place and there were people waiting who wanted into the next game.   It felt dirty… but it kinda felt good.

Game 2: Atheros, God of Passage vs.  Daretti, Grimgrin, Gisa, Sisters of Stone death

This one wasn’t as clearly epic for me, but it was pretty fun, and was back and forth.  Grimgrin, had Lazav (who really should be the commander) out and had lots of decisions to make.  I had Atheros and few other enchantments and a Serra’s Sanctum.  At various times I also had a quite large Nighthowler in play.  My one sweet move involved playing Opalesence to make a non-creature Atheros into a 3/3 so I could bestow a +24/+24 Nighthowler on it and kill Gisa outright.   This game went on pretty long, I may or may not have had the ability to win, but it was past 8 and another player had shown up 30 minutes prior, so I voted to concede so we could split into two groups so that the new player got some time in.

Game 3: Kresh the Bloodbraided vs Gisa, Teneb

Gisa rolled over us pretty good.  I cast Kresh twice (up to 9/9 and 12/12) and had a Deathgreeter and Mortician Beetle (and a Trident) onthe board, but Gisa had tons of Zombies and Teneb was Mana screwed.  This gave us time to play a 4th game.

Game 4:  Kaalia of the Random vs Gisa, Rafiq of the Many

Gisa played a first turn Mana Crypt, followed up by Liliana of the Dark Realms (which got to Ultimate) AND Forcefield AND Gauntlet of Power AND Caged Sun (Yes, his swamps tapped for BBBBBB), however he took the Crypt Damage repeatedly (which made me think of this Dusters comic, except he’s not terrible).  Rafiq came out and was quite suited up, and chipped away 2 points at a time against Gisa.  Kaalia came out and dropped a Dragon of some sort,  then a Grinning Demon,  and then an actually pretty good Malfegor (that wiped the other two boards), then a Nefarox. I cast and morphed an Imperial Hellkite to get a dragon that could cast Fireballs (to get through the Forcefield), but by this point Gisa was at 4 (almost entirely of his own doing)… his hand was Phyrexian Arena and Graveborn Muse, and his next draw would have been… Whip of Erebos.  It was 9, and I was able to get enough attackers through to get past a flying suited-up Rafiq.

I had a lot of fun in these games, and got to do things with decks that I hadn’t done before (honestly, the night was a win for me as soon as I got to get Tamiyo’s Emblem… even if I didn’t really use it (and actually opted NOT to use it when my Valor died)),  so thanks to all involved (if you’re out there reading)!

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