Game #150… Coming Soon

I showed up for game night ready to play Deck/Game #150 ( Nextwave Superfriends with Indestructible Sliver), but we had a large showing of people, including some new and old faces.  They had already broken up into two pods of 3, and the two guys (one who runs Gisa, and the other who is best known on this blog for Karona (foils and lucifer) who I wanted to play the deck with were separated.  So Game #150 is postponed until next week

But, I have a lot of decks, so I was prepared.  I won’t give full recaps here (as they aren’t “official” games) but here’s a rundown of how they went.

Game 1:   Ghave Guru of Spores  vs.  Patron of the Moon; GrimGrin; Melek, Izzet Paragon

Ghave, Guru of Spores, Magic, Commander

  • I was mana/color screwed early, and people left me alone
  • Patron built up some crazy amounts of land and other shenanigans with Amulet of Vigor, Proteus Staff, and did lots of beating with Inkwell Leviathan (not at me).  Melek had rebound for everything, GrimGrin did work with Crypt Rats (as always)
  • I built up enchantments: Parallel Lives, Retribution of the Ancients, Death’s Presence (temporarily Blatantly Thieved by Melek).
  • When I finally got mana I ended up with a 24/24 Mycoloth, a 15/15 (later 40/40) Ghave and 40 Saprolings.
  • I swung to kill GrimGrin and Patron (Melek had died already), but Patron had a trick of some sort and that was the end of it.

Game 2:  Xira Arien  vs Karona (Lucifer); Grimgrin; Ascendant Evincar

Xira Arien.2

  • I’m considering retiring this deck, so this might be it’s Farewell Game.
  • I was great for Mana, but Night of Soul’s Betrayal, plus impending Evincar meant that pretty much every card I had in hand (all Eldrazi token makers) were useless for a long time.
  • A activated a Beastmaster’s Ascension pretty much on attacking with a 0/1 or 1/2 Xira alone (once I borrowed Grimgrin).
  • Parallel lives was nice, but Evincar had a pretty strong board state AND was killing creatures with an Altar of Shadows. And stopping life gain with Erebos.
  • It came down to me vs Evincar. I had enough Mana and life left to barely hang on and survive all of the Blood Artist Triggers when I Obliterated with mana floated to cast It That Betrays.
  • A giant Eldrazi that eats your only lands means winning

Game 3:  Animar #1 vs Horde of Notions; Daxos of Meletis

Animar Soul of Elements

  • Only 20 minutes til store close.
  • I kept a weird hand of 4 lands a 0-cmc dude and 7-drops
  • Animar hit the board early and built up pretty well.  “Missed” with an Etherium Horn Sorcerer (an X Hydra).
  • Daxos wrathed, and then was obliterated by Horde.
  • I could cast Animar, but my hand was two 7-drops, an 8-drop, two 9-drops and an 11-drop.   If I had lived to cast Maelstrom wanderer, I might have been okay. But I didn’t.

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