My 5 Cents On… the “Tuck” rule change

Much has been written of the recent official rules change regarding “tuck” (note that no one complains about the change to the “bounce” rule).  I don’t have a whole lot to say, but I’ll give my 5-cents worth anyway.

1. The Rule Change doesn’t bother me, in fact, it makes me happy.  Tuck is something that I almost never use, and never feel good when I do.  Having my General Tucked (or any Red Chaos-Shuffle effected) is something that I have never enjoyed being on the other end of.

2. There have been many criticisms of the “logic” employed by the Rules Commitee, and  I agree that the “fewer tutors now” argument is pretty lame. The argument that  I find most convincing is that this format is called “Commander” and the Commander should be special.  There should NEVER be a punishment for building a deck around your Commander.

3.  The rule makes things more consistent. Is your Commander leaving the Battlefield? Yes? Okay then, you can send it to the Command Zone if you want to.  That’s not “Dumbing Down,” that’s simplifying.

4.  The problem is not “problem commanders,” it’s Spikes and non-Social Contract players.

5.  This is not a sign that Wizards should take over Commander as this article from Brainstorm Brewery seems to suggest .  As always, if you don’t like that you can’t Tuck. House Rule it.  Commander is not, and should never be, an official sanctioned format where this stuff really matters. Kitchen Table forever.


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