Game #158: Yasova Dragonclaw (B)

Game #158:  Yasova Dragonclaw (B)
Date: 2015-03-25
Location: Family Game Store
Vs.: GrimGrin; Sisters of Stone Death
Result: Fun, No Decision

Yasova Dragonclaw, Magic, Prerelease CardsVSGrimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, InnistradSisters of Stone Death, Magic, Ravnica

There seemed to be time for another game tonight, so I played the other Yasova deck I had built.  This one is “Mono” Green.  I started out with a Forest and Fertile Ground followed by a Beastmaster Ascension.  Sisters played an early Steely Resolve choosing Gorgons (obviously).  I swung with a Giant Solifuge to start ascending.  I also got to play Hero’s Blade followed by Yasova.

Sisters of Stone Death hit the table and ate Grimgrin’s Solemn Simulacrum. Knowing that my Yasova was probably going to die to either Grimgrin or Sisters, I sacrified her to a card draw spell to draw 7.  I tried to cast a Realm Seekers, but it was countered (thankfully Grimgrin also countered SoSD’s Vraska attempt as well).  I managed to steal a a Grave Titan, and I played an Engulfing Slagwurm as some anti-Sisters tech, but I couldn’t stabilize.  Grimgrin played a Crypt Rats, wiped the board, and by then it was 9p.m., and we had to go.

About the Deck (tappedout someday)

This is the “Mono” green version of Yasova. Every card (Except Temur Ascendancy) can be played with only Green mana.  There are enough color-fixing sources to be able to use Yasova’s ability (I think the Izzet karoo is the only non-green producer), but it’s not the focus of the deck.  It’s more about big ferocious creatures and smashing things. (Yasova Hulk!)

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